Saturday, August 16, 2014

Republicans Rock The Illinois State Fair

Last Thursday, Republicans rocked the Illinois State Fair.  Governor candidate Bruce Rauner rode into the fair grounds on his Harley, wearing a helmut, and was instantly surrounded by a scrum of press individuals.  An impromptu press conference took place in which the press never bothered to ask how he would fix Illinois' ailing economy, tax codes, unemployment and a State Government that has failed to meet the needs of the public it is supposed to serve.  Not asked was the failed "pension reform" that was held unconstitutional by the Illinois Supreme Court and the "half year" unbalanced budget catastrophe enacted by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Pat Quinn.

We will feel the pain of that budget this January.  And yes, after the election!

If you are interested in what the press in attendance actually focused on,  I've posted a video of the six minute press scrum below.

If you were interested in what the candidates had to say at the rally, click here. Congressman Aaron Schock's excellent speech was ignored by the press, who elected to focus on his shoes.

Big difference over what was reported?  Big difference over what you saw on TV news?

I've attended many State Fair Republican rallies over two decades, and I was stunned at the excitement and enthusiasm this past Thursday. Nothing in the past compared to this one. Nothing.

You won't see that on the news.

But you will see it after the polls finally close on election day.

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