Thursday, August 14, 2014

Madigan, Emmanuel and Cullerton No Show Governors Day

I'm visiting the Illinois State Fair this week in Springfield.  Staying at the Hampton Inn, just across the street from the Crown Plaza, filled with Democrats who rallied for Governor Pat Quinn and all Democrats running for office this November.

Yesterday was "Governors Day," the day when Democrats rally at the Illinois State Fair.

The day should more appropriately be called Democrat MIA (Missing in Action Day).

Missing from the Democrat unity rally held in a hotel and picnic area next to the hotel:

(1) Democrat State Party Chairman and Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan;

(2) Senate President and Democrat leader John Cullerton;

(3) A certain Chicago Mayor who was President Obama's first Chief of Staff.

(4) No Public Democrat Party rally at the Illinois State Fair.

Deliberate snubs?  Too busy to attend what is supposed to be a unity rally for the party?


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