Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Two Faced Congressman Brad Schneider

The Schneider campaign has been busy floating stories about a consulting business Robert Dold founded in early January of 2013. This occurred after Dold was gerrymandered out of office.  The stories concern White Whale Consulting and earnings of $75,000.00.  Dold disclosed this information as required by law. There is also an infrastructure group that Dold belongs to, for which he draws no salary or financial benefits.

Like magic, these "stories" suddenly started popping up all over in the mainstream media.

The mainstream media and semi-main stream media immediately picked these up and has been busy making insinuations and doing some serious probing. This includes Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times who wrote a lengthy article, former founder of the 10th Congressional District Democrats Steve Sadin of Pioneer Press chimed in, Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business wrote about it, and others. All quote the Schneider campaign, which expressed their disgust that Dold had the audacity to earn some money being self-employed in the private sector following his defeat.

Nothing of substance has surfaced following that flurry of media activity.

If only the media spent the same inordinate amount of time digging into Congressman Brad Schneider's consulting "business" background two years earlier. They still can. But they won't.

What is astonishing about all of this recent media digging and probing is what is reprinted below on Friday, September 21, 2012 on this blog.  Pre-election questions were raised about Brad Schneider claims of being a successful "businessman" when he actually earned no income from his Cadence Consulting Group, LLC and two subsidiaries. Schneider then refused to elaborate or disclose. No mainstream media demanded he do so.

The mainstream press totally and completely ignored that story.

The mainstream press continues to ignore Schneider's consistent refusals to publicize his income tax returns. His first refusal occurred during his first campaign for Congress two years earlier. The refusals continue today although Schneider is now promising transparency.  Someday.  He filed for an extension so his 2013 return is not due until October 15th. He will disclose after that date. Maybe.

I am assuming he filed returns in 2012 and 2011, and those can be disclosed at any time. I don't expect Schneider to change his stripes any time soon. Nor will the mainstream media insist.

Schneider still continues to refuse to discuss Cadence Consulting Group, LLC even to this day. See the end of the article here.

So who is being more two-faced on the issue of transparency, income taxes, private business activities, consulting work and resumes?  Brad Schneider?  His pals in the media? Demanding that Dold disclose all while Schneider discloses nothing?


Does this mean that Brad Schneider is a financial one-percenter Democrats revile and despise? His congressional filings seem to show he is a member of this exclusive club. He married into a very wealthy insurance and investment family. Is he a silver spoon elitist who remains out of touch with the electorate he represents?

What is the true story behind his fabulously "successful" consulting company in which he earned no income, and which he deliberately used as a prop during his first campaign in order to proclaim himself a "businessman?" Or was he really unemployed during that time living the charmed life of a one-percenter?

Post election, the website for Cadence Consulting Group, LLC quickly vanished. What clients did it represent?

Aren't the voters of the 10th Congressional District entitled to know if their congressman is deceiving  them about his background? And if true, isn't that a little unethical?

Journalists take offense at charges that they routinely favor Democrats and not Republicans.

Is this another example of such behavior?


Friday, September 21, 2012

Brad Schneider: America's Smallest Small Businessman

Breitbart.com has been doing some homework on Congressional races. They noticed something odd about some official 
filings of Brad Schneider, Democratic candidate for Congress in our local 10th District.

Mr. Schneider has been advertising on his literature, website and television that he has experience in the business world 
and is a successful small business owner.  The name of this business is called Cadence Consulting, LLC, which 
Schneider states he founded in 2008. In financial disclosures filed by the candidate, he claims no income from this 
business since January of 2010 and that it has less than $1,000.00 in assets. Cadence also has two subsidiaries in 
which Schneider received no income since January of 2010.

Breitbart surmises that anyone can go ahead and set up a limited liability corporation and website, print up some 
business cards and call himself a small business owner. Constructing a house of cards isn't difficult. Creating and/or 
managing a successful business is. This business according to Schneider advises and assists corporations with net 
assets or cash flows of between $20 to $50 million in revenue annually. Pretty impressive stuff according to the website 
and campaign literature. Yet the result of that business is no income to the owner? Not one thin dime? Something is 
clearly wrong here.

Either Mr. Schneider is a successful businessman or he is not. Cadence advises small businesses earning between 
$20-50 million in revenue annually, and does not get paid for this work?

Click here to read the article.  The article includes the Schneider filings for the whole world to see. The article can also 
be accessed at: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/09/21/dem-candidate-brad-schneider-americas-

Breitman.com appears to be right.  According to this information, Brad Schneider is America's Smallest Small 
Business Owner. Brad Schneider has a lot of explaining to do to the voters of the 10th District.


  1. I keep forgetting he's my congressman because he does so little! Waste of $175,000.
    Andrew Gomez

  2. You really should call your column "Uncommon Sense" since you seem to be among the few who actually makes any sense in your neck of the woods!
    Susan J. Kuczka