Friday, May 16, 2014

FOLLOW UP: More Wilson Rap and Musical Chair Answers

Two stories I recently posted deserve updates or small follow ups.

Don Wilson for State Senate

Last week I posted a rap song that was written on behalf of the Don Wilson for State Senate campaign. The number of hits to this site soared to near record levels.

Mr. Wilson needs to put this music to video!

Now Mike Riopoli of the Daily Herald has picked up this story and posted his own article on the subject. Riopoli includes Wilson's very interesting personal past history which is quite inspiring.

It can be read by clicking here.

Chairmen of the Illinois Republican Party

For those of you actually wondering about who has served as Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party in the past:


Richard S. Williamson
Lee A. Daniels
Dallas Ingemunson
Gary MacDougal
Judy Barr Topinka
Andrew McKenna
Pat Brady
Jack Dorgan
Timothy O. Schneider


Victor L. Smith
Donald "Doc" Adams
Al Jourdan
Harold Byron Smith

Smith and Adams served roughly 15 years each in that position. I added Schneider's name to the list assuming his election this Saturday.

Let's hope Schneider can end the recent game of musical chairs. I'd rather hear Wilson's music!

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