Monday, April 28, 2014

Presidential Libraries, Math and 'Ritmatic'

Former impeached President Clinton lectured Republicans about simple "ritmatic' during the last National Democratic Convention. He needs to come to Springfield and repeat that folksy lecture to his fellow Democrats who have run Illinois into financial quicksand. Soon.

Recently the Executive Committee of the Illinois House met to consider a plan to fund a Obama Presidential Library using taxpayer dollars. The plan was to sell bonds, and repay them with interest. While scores of schools in Chicago were closed, mostly in minority neighborhoods, due to declining State funding of education? The press dutifully reported the committee unanimously voted 9-0 in favor of funding the library by the State of Illinois in an amount of one hundred million dollars in bonds.

Problem is, only 5 of 9 members of the committee were present at the time of the vote. All 5 were Democrats. No Republican member was in attendance at the time of the vote. According to the Democrats, there was no vote irregularity there. Some obscure House Rule justified turning 5 into a fictional 9. Next time Republicans, show up and keep an eye on those Democrats who wish to continue spending money government does not have on sparkly new things.

After Republicans loudly complained, Speaker Madigan will allow a committee revote. He blames the Tea Party element of the Republican Party for objecting to the 5-0 vote that was recorded as 9-0. And he said it with a straight face. Will he next blame the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh? Even Joe Walsh and Dan Proft? Let's see if the next vote is 5-4 in favor, or if the measure fails to advance out of committee due to a majority member or two developing cold feet.

Presidential libraries in the past were built using private donations. There is also some pesky federal law which prevents use of public funds for such construction. The recent Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and  Bush libraries were all built with private funds and donations. Democrats now grouse that it would be unfair for President Obama to build his library by raising private funds.

The same President who set fund raising records during both runs for President? Who raised over a record billion dollars twice for his campaigns? Even out fundraising the incredibly wealthy Mitt Romney?

Quick, President Clinton. Give them your 'ritmatic' lecture!


  1. Hey Lou,

    As the "strongest" Republican blog in the 10th, do you care to comment on another issue involving "rithmetic"? How come, if you're such a staunch conservative and pledged Democrat hater, you gave $300 to a Democratic Congressional campaign in 2006?

    Nice to see you all again.

    Until Next Time,
    A Concerned Colonial

  2. Sorry Concerned Colonial. Facts are difficult for you Democrats to comprehend. I did not make that donation. There are a total of five Louis Atsaves' living in the Chicago Metropolitan area. All of us are cousins. It's a Greek thing that needs little explanation. You'll find another one in Australia and two more in Greece. With proper detective work, you may someday discover which one actually made that donation. Try not to emulate Inspector Clouseau again!

    I can't say I hate Democrats. My Mother is an Adali Stevenson arch-liberal Democrat. (The Stevenson who ran against Eisenhower). She is a graduate of the University of Chicago, a bastion of liberalism. She married a Republican and raised three Republican sons. How's THAT for "ritmatic?"