Wednesday, April 23, 2014

UPDATE: Congressman Schneider Refuses To Stand For The Pledge of Allegiance?

UPDATE: I've now heard from several in attendance at this event. All confirm that Congressman Brad Schneider refused to lead the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. When the crowd started reciting the Pledge  without him, he remained silent.

In Deerfield last night, Rep. Scott Drury and Congressman Brad Schneider, both Democrats, held a forum about gun violence. Both have been very resistant to private citizens owning guns. The event, put together by Drury, was announced by Schneider in the Lake County News-Sun,

Of interest, the forum was not held in North Chicago, where a young 15 year old was just gunned down in cold blood in what police seemed to feel was gang related.

According to four different individuals reporting on Facebook this morning, Congressman Schneider refused to stand during the pledge of allegiance.

Yup. Refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance.

In the past year, various arch-liberal office holders holding local offices, from library and municipal offices, have refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance.  Now our Congressman Schneider (D-10th) has joined their ranks?


Anyone with video of Schneider's refusal? Any press in attendance? Any more reports? Send them to the comments section of this blog or to a.s.a.p.


  1. He didn't refuse to stand, he refused to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. It was started impromtu by the people in attendance after Schneider's refusal to start it.

  2. I was at an overflow meeting at Deerfield City Hall last night concerning Illinois Conceal Carry Law. At the beginning of the meeting, Congressman Brad Schneider was asked to open the public meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, he refused twice to do so. At this point the audience then stood up and recited The Pledge at the top of their voices, including the phrase "under God".
    I ask when does an elected Federal Congressman refuse to open a public meeting by refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance?

    Charles Van Eeckhout

  3. When one despises the 2nd Amendment, it's only a small step to hate everything else American.
    Glenn Garamoni

  4. Who cares if he didn't want to take part in it? It's free speech. The only reason I did it in school was to avoid detention. A teacher kicked me out of class and gave me detention and the school upheld it because I didn't want to say the pledge.

  5. We stand as a form of respect. He should know better.

  6. Do you suppose he stands for prayer?

  7. Send his ass home!

  8. This is exactly what Joe Walsh had his supporters do before a debate with Melissa Bean. The pledge should never be used as a weapon to divide people.

  9. Anon 1:07, I'm confused. Since when is the Pledge of Allegiance a tool of divisiveness? That is some pretty frightening thinking!

  10. I was there. He was standing, talking, when someone suggested he start with the pledge. He ignored the suggestion. Then the crowd, about 100 people give or take a few, stood and started saying the Pledge, at which point he turned around looked for and found the flag which was behind him, and joined in. It is wrong to say he would not stand. However, he did not lead it. He did, join in when the rest of us started saying it without him.

  11. If a Congressman doesn't have an Allegiance to the American flag..... one might ask what flag does he have an allegiance to??
    Either way ...this bad apple needs to be discarded.

  12. I'm just furious that he refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance! How dare this small minded temporary politician see himself as "important," public servant. This is the wrong approach for democrats to take against guns, they're not just shunning the oath that they have taken, they look like communists, against the Republic of the United States.

    Sad to say, the better Congressman will get my support. Dold was more interested in going to cocktail parties than being a leader, or even an acitive participant in the house - - but he's a good deal better than this self absorbed Schneider.

    Yes, I live in Deerfield. I'm a conservative, working full time since 1980 - mother of two, divorced, remarried, still paying huge taxes and now 100% more for health insurance than we paid in 2011. We paid $4,000 US in 2011, and in 2013 we paid $8,000. Obamacare has got to be dug out like a bad splinter, and all the cheats (on both sides of the aisle) must be voted out and replaced. Some are more equal than others, and have engaged in insider trading, and downright theft from our Treasury. Schneider has said nothing about IRS scandal, NSA scandal - he's for global climate change taxation (ever heard of dinasaurs...they lived in a WARM period. They globe cooled...and then there was also an ICE AGE... so sick of the self serving politicians. My 14 year old owes 56,000 in the government debt - and he doesn't even have a drivers license Scheids.

    No, Schneider has got to go.