Friday, December 13, 2013

Brad Schneider Plays Both Sides

The name of this blog is "Common Sense in Illinois' 10th."  The purpose of this blog is to foster intelligent common sense debate on pressing issues of the day.

Occasionally there are political questions that defy any common sense explanations.  Here are a few to ponder:

Which Illinois North Shore Congressman voted for the bipartisan compromise that trimmed the two year old "sequester" of federal government funding cutbacks?  Including ending federal funding of the last extension of unemployment benefits?

The very same sequester that did not decrease the runaway deficit increases as evidenced by the federal deficit meter featured on this blog since its first publication? And the bipartisan agreement which reduces the funding cutbacks only keeps that meter clicking along even faster?

Which Illinois North Shore Congressman now is petitioning against ending the funding last extension of unemployment benefits? The same provision he voted to ending the funding for?

Answer:  Our very own Congressman Brad Schneider!

The only question we need to ask right about now is Schneider just plain goofy, inattentive to details or is deliberately trying to be on both sides of an issue at the same time?

If there is any common sense explanation for this behavior, please let me know!

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