Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dold: Flip-Flopping Schneider Puts Self First and District Last on Government Shutdown

The Dold for Congressman campaign has released the following, which is being published in its entirety:

Brad Schneider Puts Self First and District Last,
Shuts Down Government, Flip Flops to Follow Party

Dold: “Brad was for delaying the individual mandate, 
before he was against it, and before he was above it all.”

LIBERTYVILLE, IL – Brad Schneider (D-IL) voted along party lines last evening to shut down the government to protect a special exemption for himself and members of Congress from the very law for which he based his entire 2012 campaign – the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act. 

When Brad Schneider had a chance to lead, he again voted along party lines and flipped on previous votes, putting himself and his party leadership above those in the 10th District.

“Brad Schneider's decision to put his personal financial interests, and that of his staff, above that of the American people is inexcusable. While we faced tough budget battles during my time in Congress, we were able to keep the government running for the sake of our country,” said Bob Dold, Illinois 10th Congressional Candidate.

“Further, Brad’s flip-flop on the issue of treating all Americans the same under the Affordable Care Act screams of self-political interest. Brad was for delaying the individual mandate, before he was against it, and before he was above it all. Those in the 10th deserve a representative who puts constituent interests above his own."

Schneider’s Legislative Timeline:
  • On May 16, 2013, even as other members of Congress from his own party were calling the new healthcare law’s implementation “a train wreck,” Brad Schneider voted with his party instead of the people to keep the law in place when he had the opportunity to start over and focus on bipartisan health care solutions.
  • On September 30, 2013, on the eve of federal government shutdown, Brad Schneider votes NO on H.J Resolution 59, the Continuing Resolution that would avoid shutdown by:
    • Funding the federal government through December 15, 2013; and
    • provides for a one-year delay of the individual mandate of the Affordable Health Care Act; and
    • requires Members of Congress, congressional staff, and political appointees (including White House staff) to enroll in ACA exchanges without an employer subsidy for coverage; amends the expiration date of the CR to be December 15, 2013.
  • Failing to lead, Brad Schneider has yet to introduce a bill or amendment to the ACA to fix the real problems that, he and members of his own party state, plague the law.

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