Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Captain James E. Fitzgerald, USNR

Moraine Township Republican Precinct Committeeman James E. Fitzgerald passed away on Monday afternoon,  Jim, who ably manned Precinct 204 for the Republican Party, was 82 years of age.

Jim for years served as the elected Republican Committeeman of Precinct 204, or the Ft. Sheridan region of Highland Park. Jim was one of the few committeemen who I have ever run across who not only knew his precinct, but many of the voters in it.

For years he had been unable to physically walk his precinct, but made up for that handicap by calling hundreds of voters during each election. When the rest of us would blitz his precinct with literature from Republican candidates, we would often be confronted by voters who would say, "Yes, Jim said you were bringing this, thank you very much!" The Republican votes he would generate each election, were much higher than other precincts in heavily Democratic Highland Park.

Jim, as an able committeeman, performed his work quietly, and always was a gentleman who spread good humor to the rest of us. Not only was he a conscientious precinct committeeman, he was extremely active in neighborhood events in Ft. Sheridan. He remains an unsung hero to me.

Jim was one of the individuals who spearheaded the protest drive against closing the Ft. Sheridan Golf Course and converting it into a nature area of the Lake County Forest Preserve. He strongly believed that contracts, agreements and promises should always be honored.

He also served as a member of the Ft. Sheridan Master Home Owners Association, as a board member of his beloved Millikin University, and served on the Northeast Illinois Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Bill also was an Eagle Scout.

In his white sweater, surrounded by his family
Jim never sought any limelight or accolades for his many volunteer activities, and was a strong example to many of us on how we should conduct ourselves as citizens of our communities and nation.

Our deepest sympathies to his wife Donna, his children Mauria, Dania, Stephen, Kevin and Peter, and to his many grandchildren.

Although our hearts are broken today, his memory will always be cherished.

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