Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Images Worth a Thousand Words

There are days during summer I would rather be on a golf course or on vacation. This is one of them. So rather than writing a few articles, I turn to other more talented communicators.

I enjoy cartoonists who can tell a story with a few strokes of a pen.  A few recent favorites:

1.  From the official White House spin that Al-Qaida is on the run, Bin Ladin killed, to .  .  .

2.  The official White House spin that the scandals surrounding them are all phony led to two different cartoonists with similar takes on the subject:

3.  Let's see, the spin is Detroit is not Greece, The United States is not Greece, the State of Illinois is not  Greece, Greece didn't spend themselves into an impossible situation, it was those nasty German banks that stopped loaning them money, and spending more dollars than you take in over a period of many years is still sound, fiscal policy. The next governmental fiscal failure will again recycle these same points. Why?

4. As a youngster, I watched a young Rev. Jesse Jackson once make a total fool of himself entering my family's restaurant during the infamous Democratic National Convention.  Those were the days he wore colorful African clothing and claimed to be the successor to the Rev. Martin Luther King.  Jackson has had his positive moments along with negative ones. But I must admit, I never understood why the media dotes on the Rev. Al Sharpton. Neither does my favorite cartoonist.

5.  A new take on the "War on Women" as defined by Democrats. Which prominent Democrats are publicly demanding resignations and/or withdrawal from elections from these two pillars of society? 

6.  Two cartoons that correctly summarize the state of our economy under the stewardship of President Obama.  We truly are now a nation of part time workers.  The sad part is the media seems to celebrate the new job creations, the majority of which this year are part time.

7. Which leaves us with the Obama record:

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