Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dysfunctional Illinois: No Play - No Pay

What has mostly been ignored by the Illinois mainstream press is the dysfunctional government of Illinois controlled by Democrats.  And we are talking about unfettered control.  While the press focuses on the civil wars within the Republican party, the civil wars within the Democratic Party of Illinois, and the Democratic Party nationally, are barely mentioned.

I mean on the Democratic side of the aisle, we have Quinn vs. Daley, Quinn vs. the Illinois State Legislature, Quinn vs. Senate President John Cullerton and Speaker Michael Madigan, Cullerton v. Madigan, and even Michael Madigan vs. Lisa Madigan for crying out loud!

The Economist out of Great Britain has noticed this dysfunction with an interesting article that can be accessed here.  It's actually a pretty fun read since they use polite British words throughout such as "tussle" to describe our state government.

So everyone have a "go" at it and read this article.  During tea time of course!

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