Sunday, July 28, 2013

HB2418 Signed: Governor Ironically Calls it Democracy in Action

Yesterday, Governor Pat Quinn elected to not use his powers of amendatory veto to remove a provision ramming down the throats of Lake County something called "Lake County Board of Elections." This removes all election authority from the County Clerk, Willard Helander, and places it with a newly formed layer of government, at an additional cost to Lake County taxpayers.

This imposition of additional government came from Springfield in the form of an unfunded mandate.

This imposition of additional government came over the objections of the Lake County Board, who now has to figure out a way of paying for it without raising our property taxes.

This imposition of additional government came from Springfield without asking Lake County residents through a referendum, if they even wanted or desired it, unlike other Board of Elections in other counties.

This imposition of additional government came from a few lines buried in a massive election law bill that imposed this additional form of government on a targeted county that borders Lake Michigan, the State of Wisconsin and two other counties, only one of which exists in Illinois, Lake County.

This imposition of additional government came without any petitions, letters to the editor or demands from any grass roots organizations for it. No one claimed responsibility for it from Lake County, which means that someone is lying to us and is too shy to admit it.

Governor Quinn signed the legislation with Cook County Clerk Orr by his side. The measure passed with Democratic support from Chicago and Cook County primarily, with several Democrats representing Lake County correctly voting against it and for the individuals they represent.

During the signing ceremony, which was held far away from Lake County, Governor Quinn stated: "Democracy works best when as many voters as possible raise their voices at the ballot box."

Except in Lake County where voters did not have that opportunity.

Ironic, isn't it?  That irony apparently was lost on our Governor and the overwhelming number of  politicians in Illinois who call themselves Democrats.

Now let's see if this politicized newly formed government rammed down the throats of Lake County voters can run elections as efficiently and competently as Willard Helander's office once did.  Who is betting that they won't?


  1. Rather than see if this new board with run elections better than our County Clerk, we should fight this forced abomination at all levels and in every way possible. Perhaps a temporary restraining order to keep it from being implemented until it has fully progressed through the courts. We in Lake County do not need Springfield damnocraps forcing a $600,000 plus unfunded mandate down our throats.

    Trebor of Libertyville

  2. What I find funny is numerous Lake County Representatives voted YES for this. How is that even possible? How does imposing this make it "better" for our county. They should be ashamed of themselves. Know who you are voting for.

    1. If you noticed, all those voting yes were dems. All the Rs and 2 Ds voted no.

      Trebor of Libertyville