Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fundraising Numbers from Congressman Schneider Trail Dold

Congressman Schneider (D-10th) quietly posted his second quarter fundraising numbers with the Federal Election Commission last night, close to deadline.  I now can see why:
  • Total contributions: $384,440.39
  • Total cash on hand: $531,166.16
Schneider has been raising money at a $4,200.00 a day clip with slightly more than one third of those funds coming from political PAC funds, and the rest individual donations.

I now understand why Schneider has been so quiet about his fundraising.  Compared to his challenger, Schneider's numbers appear lackluster. As I posted on Sunday, his challenger, former Congressman Robert Dold, raised an astounding $546,187.00 in just 53 days since announcing his plans to retake this office, and has been raising money at a torrid $10,000.00 a day clip. Dold has $615,772.00 in cash on hand, and surpassed Schneider in this category in just 53 days.

Can Dold keep up his fundraising pace? Can Schneider match or exceed Dold's efforts?  Time will tell. November of 2014 is still a long way off.

I expect both campaigns to ramp up their fundraising efforts in what should be one of the most expensive races in the country.

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