Monday, June 10, 2013

Dear Uncle Sam and President Obama: I'm Sorry! I Didn't Really Mean it! Honest!

Dear Uncle Sam and President Obama,

I'm sorry.  Really!  Honestly!

Mr. Obama and Uncle Sam's federal government may have noticed that over the past 6 years since Obama first announced he was running for President of the United States:

1. I have donated ample time, talent and treasure in support of his two Republican opponents;

2. I have been actively involved in the Republican Party of Lake County, Illinois;

3. I have been actively involved in the Moraine Township Republican Organization of Illinois and other local Republican groups;

4. I have been actively involved in numerous campaigns for office for many Republican candidates, whether for Congress, Illinois Statewide, State Senate, State House, Lake County, County Board and others over the years;

5. I drive a gray(ing) 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has had a Kirk for Congress bumper sticker (and later Kirk for Senator) since its purchase on the hatchback door in the upper left hand corner, a Dold for Congress bumper sticker in the upper right hand corner for the last four, along with many other bumper stickers for Republican candidates and causes.

But you already know all that, other than the bumper stickers. I voluntarily disclose the existence of those bumper stickers in my tardy but now ever so humble attempts to keep the United States Federal Government from trampling all over me and my constitutional civil rights, as a strong dissenter of President Obama's policies.

With the stunning revelations that the phone calls of ordinary Americans are being gathered and monitored, along internet servers that handle our e-mails, blogs and postings, I accept President Obama's soothing explanations over the sharply expanded nature of these programs as created by the Patriot Act and President George W. Bush following those terrorist attacks on U.S. soil on September 11, 2001. It was President Obama's warm smile that sealed the deal.

I know that President Obama strongly campaigned against such provisions that were enacted through the Patriot Act following 9/11, while John McCain defended them as being necessary for our security as a nation. President Obama claimed that those provisions unnecessarily infringed on our rights as Americans. He hasn't yet explained why he then, as President, oversaw a government that expanded on those infringements. But, I forgive him. Really! Honest I do!

Now you are telling us that we need to strike a balance between those same rights and the right of our nation to keep us safe and secure by spying on us.  But I forgive you for your change of position and change of heart on this subject. I really do. Honest!

After President Obama's reelection, Democrats crowed that the majority within the United States had "spoken" and the minority must simply shut up and go along. Polls showed the majority wanted this or that, so that was that, no further discussion or political discourse was necessary, according to Democrats. No matter that our forefathers spoke out and safeguarded the rights of individual Americans from the "tyranny of the majority." Our forefathers were wrong. I was wrong in believing that. Honest! Really!

Revelations that the Internal Revenue Service was busy harassing Tea Party groups and other conservative groups last dear during President Obama's reelection? That the Obama administration actively spied on journalists, seized their telephone records and tried to build a criminal case against a couple of them? That the Obama administration refused to tell the truth about the Benghazi attack which claimed the lives of Americans, including a US Ambassador who begged for more security? That the "spokesman" for the administration following the Benghazi tragedy was so willing to spin the story the way the White House wanted that President Obama wanted to appoint her Secretary of State, and now appointed her National Security Advisor? That the Obama administration has been the most secretive of all those administrations who preceded him in office, even though Mr. Obama himself promised more openness and transparency? I forgive all that. Really! Honestly!

Civil rights attorney Alan Dershowitz wrote about his concerns over this behavior, but then blamed the journalist who began writing about the Prism program where our e-mails, internet postings and thoughts are being harvested. The New York Times editorial page is getting mighty nervous about it. Local liberal radio hosts (820 on the AM dial in Chicago) are stumbling all over themselves trying to apologize or explain away the Obama administration expansion of programs that he spoke out against on the campaign trail back in 2007. No need for apologies. I now understand. Really! Honest!

I now admit that there is nothing really going on. No scandals. No overreaching of federal powers against individual rights and liberties of its citizens. There is nothing to see here.  I didn't need all those civil liberties, even though I believe I have a right to bear arms, while failing to own a gun.

I now admit that my prior hostility and opinions towards those political actions were in complete error. My humble apologies. Really! Honestly!  I promise to behave myself in the future! And I promise to turn a blind eye to any of those so called trangressions against my personal constitutional rights and liberties and those of other Americans.

Starting right now.


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