Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sgt. Schultz Pounces! IRS Director Thrown Under the Bus!

So as Speaker of the House Boehner asked, "Who is going to jail?" over the exploding IRS scandal?

Since yesterday's posting, the Sgt. Schultz White House has been extremely active. After first denying they had any real power or authority over the Internal Revenue Service, Treasury Secretary Lew requested and received the resignation of the interim Director of the IRS. Remember Mr. Lew?  The fellow that came up with the "Sequester" concept that the Sgt. Schulz White House now pretends never came from them?

So do they have the ability to change the focus and direction of the Internal Revenue Service?  It certainly appears so.  I am assuming at this point in time that IRS employees are getting the message loud and clear. That new message: "You can now stop picking on conservative political groups." 

The question remains, who created those earlier policies and who demanded they be implemented?  Anyone in the White House? The Obama Reelection Campaign?

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is still bobbing and weaving.  Someone needs to clue in Mr. Carney that the Sgt. Schultz routine isn't working.  The we have to see what "actions were performed by the IRS" ring false. The IRS admitted behaving in such a fashion! Schultzie!  Look around!

The typical Sgt. Schultz approach of this White House has been to first deny, then soft peddle, then after wiping the pie off their faces, throw someone under the bus and say: "See, we are fixing this. There is nothing more to see here, just move along folks!"

Those liberal Democratic politicians who screamed for IRS investigations into conservative political groups and their tax exempt statuses, might want to revisit a USA Today article on the subject.  For 27 months starting in 2010, not a single conservative political group received tax exempt status from the IRS, which kept demanding additional information including who these groups were associating with and who these groups were supporting for election.  In the interim, hundreds of liberal political groups with titles that included the words "Progressive" or "Progress" received quick approval from the IRS to become tax exempt.

Our Senator Durbin (D-IL) was one of those screamers. One news report indicates that his letter demanding investigation of conservative political groups has been "scrubbed" from his website and Facebook page.  You can still find it and articles about it on the internet.  Durbin suddenly is singing a different tune on the topic.

I must congratulate the White House.  They and their supporters demonized Tea Party and Patriot Groups, and demonized "Super PAC" groups that support Republicans to the point where such groups, which began being pretty popular in polls, later plunged to being less popular than used car salesmen.  Tea Partiers were called stupid racists, ignorant of government and selfish to the point where those falsehoods stuck.

Even Brad Schneider (D-10th) had the utter audacity to repeatedly and falsely label Congressman Robert Dold as being a Tea Party member, candidate or being completely beholden to Tea Party groups that actually mistrusted or despised him.

Now those grass roots Tea Party and Patriot Groups are suddenly looking better.  Their prior complaints of IRS harassment were treated with derision. Now those complaints are true.

Even arch-liberal publications like the New Yorker and Salon rushed articles defending the IRS which can be summarized in a single sentence: "But those groups under investigation were conservative!" Liberals, especially liberal journalists are the last to figure out the serious violations of civil liberties and rights that a segment of our population was forced to undergo at the hands of their own government.  And the liberals in the White House still haven't figured it out, other than to read internal polls which inform them that the public finds the whole fiasco to be distasteful and wrong. Sgt. Schultz always knew when to turn a blind eye. Unfortunately for the White House, turning a blind eye in this instance doesn't work.

Nice work there Sgt. Schultz! You have revived floundering Tea Party and Patriot Groups and have made them relevant again. The American public and certainly the once docile press have taken notice. The "I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing" bleatings of the White House now are ringing false. 

Who is next to be thrown under the bus? 

The press is now clamoring for action. Of course, their clamoring began in earnest when the Justice Department of Eric Holder audaciously grabbed telephone records of journalists working for the Associated Press. That act seems to have been their wake up call. Government attacking free press in this country? Even Richard Nixon didn't push that far!

The Benghazi tap dancing?  The Fast and Furious gun running to Mexico and the murders of Mexicans south of the border and Americans north of it?  Showering a major campaign contributors with millions in federal cash, like Solyndra? The secret list kept by the former head of the Board of Education of Chicago, now our Federal Education maven, allowing wealthy campaign contributors and those with connections to send their children to special magnet schools in Chicago, while others more qualified got stuck on waiting lists or were forced to attend schools with lackluster or poor teaching?

Start those Congressional Hearings.  Now.  And let's stop accepting the usual "I know nothing, NOTHING!" answers from our Sgt. Schultz White House.

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