Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Representation Follies? Say What? Huh?

Rep. Scott Drury is back making news in a not so positive way again. In today's Capitol Fax blog editor Rich Miller states: "I'm pretty sure that if we let legislators vote on who is the most obnoxious and goofy freshman, Rep. Scott Drury (D-Highwood) would wins hand down."

If you have the time, you can scroll down to other articles in Capitol Fax which detail what Miller calls "goofy" and "obnoxious" behavior of our Mr. Drury, who I may unhappily report, is my current State Representative.

Speaking of "Say What?" moments, our current elected Congressman of the Illinois 10th District, Brad Schneider (D-10th), will be feted in a seriously expensive fundraiser in Northbrook today.  Featured speaker, Nancy "You Can Read The Obamacare Bill After We Vote On It" Pelosi.

During his campaign, Mr. Schneider routinely ducked questions about supporting Ms. Pelosi or voting with her on serious issues. He then cast a vote for her to become Speaker of the House, his very first vote as a congressman.

Mr. Schneider is infamous for failing to vote on ANY budget proposed in the United States House of Representatives, including two proposed by Republicans, and four proposed by Democrats, including Senate President Reid's proposal. That makes Mr. Schneider one of only six (6) congressman to fail to vote for ANY budget on the table this year, placing him in a infamous 1% category.

The Better Government Association, through their executive director, Andy Shaw, former TV reporter, penned this piece which appears on their website on May 25, 2013: "Election Reform Boring? Not Really." Where was the BGA when the Republican Party was fighting all those gerrymandered district maps the Democrats passed and reformer Governor Quinn quickly signed into law? Other than some mild complaining, did they join in with the GOP lawsuits fighting those maps? Why wait until May 25, 2013 to decry the current state of affairs?  Mr. Shaw reports that "gerrymandering made the difference."

Thank you for stating the obvious!

We see the difference locally Mr. Shaw, with the antics of Drury and Schneider.

Keep up with the bloody civil war fellow Illinois Republicans. It will guarantee that these current obnoxious goofs and many more will continue to represent us in Springfield for years to come.


  1. I suppose as a freshman representative you need to make a name for yourself in some way. I just wish it wasn't my representative that was making himself known. The Capitol Fax article was brutal.

  2. I hope that, this week, a Republican will announce a campaign against Rep. Drury.

    Phil Collins