Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pat Brady to (Finally) Resign as Illinois GOP Chairman

News reports are popping up all over.  Pat Brady is (finally) resigning as Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party.

I was less than impressed with his performance as Chairman, finding much of what he attempted to be scattered shot, but recognized how impossible his position was, and how even more impossible certain Republicans made it for him to do his job, whether or not you agreed with his performance. Certain Illinois Republicans enjoy demonizing anyone who dares become Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party.

The past few months have seen Brady "preside" over a severely divided party, while Brady stubbornly hung on and the demonizers ramped up their attacks. Since our stunning losses in last November's election, all the party has bothered to engage in is a civil war. Planning for the future?  In Illinois, that hasn't been the Republican way.

The demonization of Illinois Republican Party Chairmen by a certain "wing" of State Republicans has turned into a routine, regular bloodsport which has damaged the party to the point where some feel it is beyond repair.  Let's face reality, Brady was the latest victim. The next Chairman will suffer the same fate. Who would be insane enough to want that position?  All the next chairman has to utter are the words "big tent" and his/her effectiveness will immediately be reduced to zero.

Demonized Pat Brady joins the recent ranks of demonized Andy McKenna and demonized Judy Barr Topinka. They are all good Republicans. They will continue to be good Republicans. They were all ultimately treated in a shabby fashion by certain Republicans who claim to be the "base" of the party.

So another round begins: a new chairman will be named shortly. The process the party uses to name chairmen in Illinois will again be attacked. The new chairman will be greeted with suspicion and derision, but allowed a brief honeymoon. Finally, the new chairman will also be demonized and run out of office on a rail.

And on and on it goes.  Democrats in Illinois who have proven their inability to govern will continue to sleep well tonight.  The demonizers in the Republican Party of Illinois will guarantee their continued electoral victories well into the future.



  1. How big does the tent have to be? The State Republican Chairman SHOULD follow the Platform. If they don't want to do that, they should not even enter their name for consideration.

  2. Big tents win elections. Pup tents like those of the Libertarian and Green Party, to name but just two other political parties, do not. If MotherMayI wants the Republican Tent to shrink to a pup tent, then you shouldn't worry about the platform. With a pup tent philosophy, anything the platform states would be meaningless. Like the platforms of the Green and Libertarian Parties.

    If MotherMayI wants the platform to be meaningful, two things will be necessary: (1) updating the platform to reflect true Republican principles and (2) expanding the Republican tent so that those principles are clearly articulated to the voters.