Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NEWS FLASH: Bob Dold Announces His New Run For Congress

After weeks of speculation from AOL Patch publications and its political reporter, a founder of the 10th Congressional Democrats, who has also been extremely busy writing a series of puff pieces about our current Democratic Congressman, it's now official. 

Former Congressman Robert Dold has now announced he is again running for Congress in the 10th District of Illinois. He was victorious in 2010 against Dan Seals when then Congressman Mark Kirk decided to run for United States Senator. Dold then barely lost by a close 3,000 votes, or less than 1% of the votes cast, to Brad Schneider after Democrats severely gerrymandered the District to guarantee that a Democrat would win the District by at least 7% of the vote. The last few AOL Patch puff piece articles reflect a nervous Schneider is worrying about Dold's entry into the next race.

He should be worried after his extremely lackluster performance since being elected to office, a performance long on press releases and symbolism, and short on any real serious votes.

Many Democrats and some conservative Republicans have issues with Dold. He compiled a strong record during his two years in Congress that reflected independence from straight party line voting, similar to his predecessors Kirk and John Porter. Hard line Democrats were outraged and distorted that independent voting record. Some hard line conservative Republicans refused to vote for him.

The result? A new Congressman named Schneider who has basically toed the Democratic party line while claiming to be a moderate.

For those tired of the endless partisan gridlock, returning Dold to Congress should be a major priority in the 10th Congressional District.

Roll Call Monday felt the 10th Congressional District of Illinois was a seat deemed likely to flip and stated: "Dold has not yet announced that he will run again, but GOP insiders agree that he is looking closely at a possible rematch. Schneider drew 50.6 percent to Dold’s 49.4 percent (a margin of 3,326 votes), so it isn’t hard to see why the Republican would think his prospects would improve in a non-presidential year."

Today, Roll Call reports that Dold is interviewing staffers. Roll Call also states: "Since then, he’s topped the House GOP’s list of candidates that it would like to see run again. (Read Roll Call contributing writer Stu Rothenberg’s ranking of this cycle’s top 10 House rematches.) The National Republican Congressional Committee has recruited him to run again in the district north of Chicago.
“No one works harder for his constituents than Bob Dold,” NRCC spokeswoman Katie Prill said. “The NRCC is hopeful Mr. Dold will make a decision in the coming days to run for his seat again in 2014 because Illinois families deserve his independent voice back in the 10th.”
Now it's official.

The Press Release reads as follows:

"Dear Friends,

I ran for Congress just a few years ago because I felt a call to serve the 10th District, and you sent me to Washington, DC to do just that. Together, we provided what so many say our country is missing right now - thoughtful leadership that is able to build bridges between parties, and put people before politics and progress ahead of partisanship.  We succeeded in changing the dialogue to focus on getting our government on a budget and solving the biggest issues we face as a nation. 
As someone who broke the mold and earned a reputation as one of the most independent-thinking, moderate members of Congress, and as someone who was never afraid to work with anybody who shared a desire to solve problems, I share your frustration with the current lack of compromise and the consistent stalemate in Washington.

Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to many of you about the problems you are facing in your businesses, in your households, and in your communities. You have encouraged me to carry your voice forward in 2014.

With deep reflection, and strong support from you, Danielle and our kids, my family and friends, I wanted to share with you first that I’ve made the decision to step forward and run in 2014 to represent the 10th District of Illinois.

I want to personally thank you for your continued encouragement. Running for office is never an easy decision for any candidate or their families, but this decision is much larger than my family and me; it is about serving our community and country.

I hope you will join me as we lay out our vision, together, for a more prosperous 10th District."

For more information, you can access his website at:

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