Thursday, May 30, 2013

How Our Lake County Senators Voted on HB2418

Voting against this monstrosity called House Bill 2418, which saddles Lake County with a whole new layer of government at the cost to Lake County residents through property taxes:

Voting Nay:

Senator Althoff (R)
Senator Bush (D)
Senator Duffy (R)

Voting Aye:

Senator Link (D)

Voting Present:

Senator Morrison (D)

Present?  Senator Morrison had problems during the campaign being decisive on issues, especially the "temporary" income tax, but voting "present?" Come on now!

Senator Link is quoted in today's Daily Herald as not having any responsibility whatsoever for this whole new layer of government called the Lake County Electoral Board.

I understand perfectly.  It just happened all by itself.  The legislature in Springfield suddenly realized that Lake County needed a whole new layer of government called "Lake County Electoral Board" at the expense of Lake County through this wildly unfunded mandate, and that realization gestated all by itself.  Without the voters of Lake County making this decision, as was the case in other counties where a separate electoral board exists.

Who in Lake County asked for this? Bueller? Bueller?

Just the way the White House keeps claiming the IRS suddenly targeted conservative political groups all by themselves and it just, well, happened!

The bill is now sent back to the Illinois House as there were a couple of senate amendments (which include the Lake County Electoral Board provision) tacked on during the vote that need some form of reconciliation between the two chambers.

Then we would have to hope and pray that Governor Quinn exercise his amendatory veto to excise this expensive nonsense from the bill.


  1. It had a lot to do with Link and Madigan. They know no democrat can beat Willard Helander in the election so they want to take elections away from the county clerk. The chief judge doesn't need another responsibility of appointing an electoral board! What were these jerks thinking?!?!?!

  2. Julie voted "present." Wow! Does it matter? Voters ultimately get the government they deserve. It's not like the Lake county GOP is capable of taking any Dem down.

  3. How can you vote present? She's such an incompetent legislator. Can't believe she got elected.