Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Random Thoughts on Breaking Sequester News

You have got to give the Obama Administration credit.  They are now implementing some serious cuts in federal spending now that the sequester has taken hold.

Interesting tidbits are emerging:

1.  All White House tours are canceled effective March 9, 2013.  The rationale is the White House has to cut back somewhere. Why not first ground that Presidential jet and curb those expensive First Family vacations?

2.  Egypt is receiving $250 million dollars in foreign aid from the United States with a visit from our new Secretary of State John Kerry.  Because Egypt is a great reliable ally of the United States?

3.  Since the sequester took effect, stock markets continue their dramatic rallys and posting new highs.  Is this a rebuke of the Chicken Little cries of Obama that our economy will collapse with an imposed 2.3% cut in federal spending over the next decade?

Here is a Common Sense suggestion for the White House which seems unable to govern with the thought of a mild cut back in federal spending: "Keep the $250 million you were going to give to Egypt, and use a tiny fraction of it that it costs to reopen the tours of the White House."

It isn't that the White House can't figure out what to do.

They don't want to.

Last year Obama threatened to veto every single measure that would water down federal spending cuts through the Sequester. Now he is singing an altogether different song?

Congressman Schneider promised to support President Obama and his policies without reservation during the campaign. Which policies are those Mr. Schneider?  The 2011-2012 policies of Obama?  Or the different ones of 2013?

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