Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Plummeting Poll Numbers Post Sequester?

The Chicago Tribune has reprinted a Reuters story about their latest Reuters/Ipsos poll on the approval ratings of the President, Congress and the two major political parties.  If this poll is to be believed, President Obama's approval ratings plunged 7 percentage points since February 26th, or two days before the "sequester" law kicked in.  It now stands at 43%. The White House plan was supposed to have Republican poll numbers plunge. Well, they didn't.

This may explain why during last weekend's talk shows, White House officials were being very polite about Bob Woodward's articles that have been very critical of the President and his sequester idea.  They even called him a "legend." The fangs, the personal insults, all were suddenly put away. The poll seems to insinuate that the public doesn't appreciate the gamesmanship of the White House any more than the gamesmanship played by the two political parties on this issue.  Is there private poll or two out there the White House has access to or retained which show similar numbers to the Reuters/Ipsos poll?

Coupled with the record high numbers posted by the stock markets, perhaps the grand plan of the Obama administration to turn the tables on the sequester and blame everyone else but himself is failing?

Where exactly does our Congressman Brad Schneider stand on this issue?  He has been pretty quiet overall about it. During the campaign he voiced his total allegiance to President Obama and his policies.   He then shifted with President Obama to the "tax the rich" only instead of allowing all those "Bush Tax Cuts" to expire.  Problem is as I posted yesterday, the Obama policies have shifted or morphed into something different post-campaign.  Has Mr. Schneider shifted along with the President?  If Mr. Schneider is calling the sequester bill hatched by President Obama dumb like the President now is, then is he calling his president dumb?

Questions, questions!

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