Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sheriff Mark Curran to Run for Re-Election!

Both the Daily Herald and The Lake County News-Sun have covered the announcement of Sheriff Mark Curran that he will be running for reelection as Lake County Sheriff in 2014.
A few months ago, Sheriff Curran was exploring the possibility of running for Illinois Attorney General, a topic I covered in an earlier posting.

In his prepared statement, Sheriff Curran said: "I have decided to run for re-election for Lake County Sheriff. I have been entrusted for the past six years with the responsibilities as sheriff of Lake County. This opportunity has allowed me to work alongside outstanding law enforcement professionals as well as to serve and protect the wonderful people of Lake County."

Mr. Curran also stated: "During the past couple of months, I have thoroughly explored a possible run for Illinois Attorney General, which included talking to many people around the state and prayerful reflection and consultation with family and friends."

I am aware of at least two individuals who had expressed an interest in replacing Mr. Curran during the period of time he was exploring a state-wide run for office.

If re-elected, Mr. Curran would serve his third term of office on behalf of citizens of Lake County.

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