Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Senator Link Loses Primary Race for Waukegan Mayor

The big news tonight is Senator Terry Link finished third in the Democratic primary election for Mayor of Waukegan.  Clerk Wayne Motley received 1505 votes, Sam Cunningham 1345 and Link 1037.  Link only received 290 early and mail votes, while Motley received 372 and Cunningham 381, which may explain which campaigns had better get out the vote (GOTV) programs.  The winner faces the current mayor, who is running as an independent.

Some interesting statistics from Clerk Willard Helander's website:  Total Registered Voters: 49,028.  Election Day Turnout: 8.61%.  Total Turnout:  11.14%.

For Waukegan Clerk, Former Coroner Artis Yancy made a political comeback winning the primary election over 5 other candidates. No independent is running for this position.

For Waukegan Township Trustee, six candidates ran for four seats.  Winning the primary were Jeff McBride, Percy L. Johnson, Katherine Rothwell-Francis, and Charles "Chuck" Willms. No opposition in the consolidated election exists.

For North Chicago Mayor, incumbent Leon Rockingham, Jr, won the primary with 471 votes, with Valerie DeVost drawing 319 votes, Bobby Allen drawing 275 votes, and Anthony Coleman drawing 130.

These vote totals may change a bit in 14 days once late arriving mail ballots and provisional ballots are counted.

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  1. I know there was bad weather today, but it's sad that only 11% of the registered voters make the decisions in this election.