Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Senator Kirk Writes About His Recovery

Last Friday, the Washington Post published an op-ed article written by Senator Mark Kirk on how his stroke made him a better politician and a better man.  The article can be read by clicking here.

The article itself is inspirational and a good read for anyone searching for positive news about politics and people.

The over 500+ comments to the story, for the most part, were rather mean spirited by upset liberal Democrats who did not like the idea that a Republican can suffer through such adversity and emerge with a new attitude, that the glass is half-full, rather than half-empty, and every new day is a gift. Rather than be angry about those comments, we need to remember that the article was published in the Washington Post.

Rather than accept his new medical condition and reality, he fought through it.  It took time for him to return to full duty work, most suffering the same condition do not. The length of care does not seem to be unusual, except to mean spirited liberal Democrats, who seem to feel that anyone who falls ill should immediately step aside for a healthier person. The time it took and the care he received seems to have mean spirited liberal Democrats in a particularly foul mood.

The Chicago Sun-Times demanded publication of Mr. Kirk's medical bills and out of pocket expenses since his stroke, supporting one of their columnists who was bombarded with criticism when he first raised the "issue."

Senator Kirk remains fortunate that he fell ill in a major city with hospitals and clinics well equipped to handle his emergency care, surgeries and post surgical rehabilitation. He could have been visiting a foreign country. He could have been in Southern Illinois where hospitals and medical care are more spread out. He could have been working a regular job where his medical leave could have run out, leaving him unemployed.

The op-ed article clearly shows that Senator Kirk understands all this and is grateful over the end result.  Senator Kirk continues to receive therapy even while back at work.

It's nice to see Senator Kirk back in action.  Senator Kirk clearly is opposing the Hagel nomination for Secretary of Defense, and has co-sponsored a bill opposing illegal gun trafficking where straw purchasers resell or transfer guns purchased to criminals and gang members who can no longer legally own firearms. Senator Kirk during his period of recovery also continued to push for stronger sanctions against Iran, while former Senator Hagel discounts such sanctions.

Welcome back Senator Kirk!  Keep up the good fight, both for yourself and for the people of Illinois.

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