Friday, February 22, 2013

Forbes Calls Lake County, Illinois a Miserable City/Suburb

Forbes Magazine just released what I am sure they are claiming is a careful analysis and ranking of the 20 most miserable cities in the Country.  Rockford placed 3rd and Chicago is 4th.  The City of Lake County, Illinois placed 9th!

City of Lake County?  Forbes is calling us a city?  Way to fact check Forbes Magazine!

They used standards including declining population, property values, high commuter times, municipal bankruptcies and lousy weather in reaching their rankings.

Lake County is a City?  They actually describe it as a "suburb of Chicago." Next time I see him I will be sure to call him Mayor Lawlor.

Here are the rankings with No. 1 being the most miserable to live in and the 20th being not quite as miserable as the 19 which precede it.

01.  Detroit, MI
02.  Flint, MI
03.  Rockford, IL
04.  Chicago, IL
05.  Modesto, CA
06.  Vallejo, CA
07.  Warren, MI
08.  Stockton, CA
09.  Lake County, IL
10.  New York, NY
11.  Toledo, OH
12.  St. Louis, MO
13.  Camden, NJ
14.  Milwaukee, WI
15.  Atlantic City, NJ
16.  Atlanta, GA
17.  Cleveland, OH
18.  Poughkeepsie, NY
19.  Gary, IN
20.  Youngstown, OH

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