Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Congressman Shows His True Side

Democrats spent two years bashing non-Tea Partier Congressman Robert Dold claiming he was a wild-eyed far right wing arch-conservative Tea Party extremist.  They never backed up that nonsense with any facts. Dold's record never approached such rhetoric. Remember the preposterously false "he voted for oil-drilling in Lake Michigan" nonsense?  Schneider went along with all of it and when confronted, would attempt to defend it.

Now it's our turn Mr. Schneider.

During the primary Schneider campaigned as a Progressive (i.e. "Liberal"). During the general election, our new Congressman suddenly claimed to be moderate, even though he could never identify a single issue he disagreed with his own party or President Obama.  Even post election he has given interviews where he claims he can work with both sides and is a moderate.

The New Congress is now sworn in and starting to work.  The first vote Congressmen cast is to elect a Speaker of the House.

Pretend Moderate Democrat Congressman Schneider voted for Nancy Pelosi.

True Moderate Democrat Congressman Lipinski refused to vote for Nancy Pelosi, finding her to be too philosophically liberal for his tastes.

So now you know.  Mr. Schneider showed his true stripes. The pretense is over.

Brad, Brad, Brad!


  1. Great wrok, Lou. We need to keep a close eye on Radical Progressive Brad Schneider

  2. Schneider can't vote on the Hagel nomination but he should be called out on his position as to whether he's for or against. Have at it, Lou.