Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kirk to Walk Those Steps

Senator Mark Kirk entering his polling place in
Highwood, IL on November 6, 2012.
Tomorrow, Senator Mark Kirk keeps a promise made shortly after experiencing his stroke a year ago and undergoing multiple surgeries and a prolonged period of physical and rehabilitative therapy.

He will be walking up the front steps to the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. He plans on not using any of the hand rails present.

I walked up those steps when visiting Washington, DC early last year. I used a hand rail. I stopped twice. I will assume that Mr. Kirk will make it up those steps faster than I did, since he has been practicing for a while.

Occasionally, some left wing snipers in comments sections of newspaper articles will take a swipe at Mr. Kirk and the type of care he received. One lame newspaper columnist who works for the Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper group joined in this attack last month.  Petty class warfare arguments like this distort the bigger picture of future medical care in this country.

I can recall as a young boy several parishioners in my Church suffering debilitating strokes that left them unable to walk, talk or function. Medical research in this field has come a long way since that time and Mr. Kirk is a strong example of more modern treatment, medication and rehabilitation approaches for stroke victims.

Which begs the real question that those left wing snipers fail to address. With Obamacare around the corner and the new politician penchant in Washington and Springfield, IL for severely reducing medical fees of doctors, hospitals and clinics for Medicare and Medicaid patients, and others using alternative programs, would Mr. Kirk's recovery and treatment been possible if those limitations were in place 30 years ago?

What happens to future medical care in this country if government programs continue to starve medical profits that once fueled such research?

Or are we to settle for "decent" instead of the best or extraordinary in the future?

I'll keep fighting for the best, and refuse to settle for "decent."

So tomorrow I will be cheering: Go Mark Go!

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