Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Executive Director of Lake County Republican Federation

Lake County Republican Federation Taps Erin Westphal as New Executive Director

Libertyville, IL  - The Lake County Republican Federation announced today that Erin Westphal will join the organization as its new executive director in 2013.

No stranger to the Lake County Republican Party, Westphal, of Grayslake, comes to the Federation from U.S. Congressman Joe Walsh’s district congressional office, where she currently works as a congressional constituent representative. She has also served as a Lake County GOP precinct committeeman and as president of the Lake County Young Republicans in recent years. Prior to entering the political field, Westphal spent over ten years in the pharmaceuticals industry. She is a graduate of Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. 

"We are extremely pleased that Erin has agreed to serve as our Executive Director," said Lake County Republican Federation President Larry Falbe, who headed the six-member search committee. "Our Board is confident that Erin will be able to carry on the Executive Director's role and responsibilities that Chelsea Stanley has so ably performed for the past several years. Erin's enthusiasm, experience and leadership ability will serve her well in meeting and overcoming the challenges that the Federation, and Lake County Republicans as a whole, will face in this next election cycle. The Federation stands with our partner, the Lake County Republican Central Committee, in supporting and promoting Republican ideals and candidates, and Erin will play a key role in meeting our joint goals.”

Westphal takes the reigns from Chelsea Stanley, who has served in the position for just over three years. Stanley is stepping down to stay at home with her first child due early next year. “It has been an absolute privilege to serve the Lake County GOP in this capacity,” said Stanley who hopes to remain active in politics. “I am thrilled to pass the torch into such capable hands.”

Lake County Republican Central Committee Chairman Robert Cook, who served on the search committee, said, “Although I will miss Chelsea, I look forward to working as closely with Erin, and I’m sure she’ll do a great job.  My hope is to build upon the strong relationship between the Federation and the Central Committee that we have established over the past few years.”

Westphal will finish her term with Congressman Walsh and will begin working at the Federation in January. “I am grateful to be finishing up my term with Congressman Walsh’s office, “ Westphal said. “I wish Chelsea all the best with her new baby and look forward to serving the Lake County Republican Federation.”

The Lake County Republican Federation has served the Republican Party in Lake County for over 50 years. To learn more about how you can contribute with your time, talent or treasure, visit www.lcgop.org.

Chelsea K. Stanley
Executive Director
Lake County Republican Federation
847.680.6680 (office)
847.680.6682 (fax)


  1. I agree. She will be a puppet for Bob Cook.

  2. Lake County Republicans are doomed with this do nothing.

  3. The Federation has one goal - to have those stupid dinners and suck up the Republican $$$ that should be helping Republican candidates.

    Their new Exec. Director has been around for about two years - and during that time, she has done nothing of note for the Republican party.

    If you look over their operation for the last 50 years, they've barely done a thing to help the party. They figured out a way to look important while actually doing nothing.

    Dave Stolman gave out over $25,000 to Republican candidates running for County Board. Most of those candidates were part of the Good Old Girls Club - and they didn't do a damn thing to help anyone get elected. They even let some of their biggest allies go down the toilet - like Sandy Cole and Bob Dold.

    But the most outrageous thing they did was screw Board Chairman Dave Stolman. They took the financial help from Stolman and all the while, they were putting up Aaron Lawlor as the next Chairman. At 29, lawlor has no practical business experience or Executive experience, and has never worked in the private sector.

    Conservatives stayed home in 2012 - and their numbers will decline between now and the next cycle. Get ready for the Republican train to leave the tracks in 2014.

  4. I agree. It is just wrong that people who have done nothing get appointed to positions they have no business being in. The Federation will be sorry with their pick. No experience whatsoever. She doesn't even want the job. She wants to run for Congress (yikes) in a few years. So does Lawlor. Everyone knows this except the Federation. Listen up Republicans, get your act together or we won't have a party at all in a few years.

  5. How was the job vacancy announced? How many people applied for the job? How many people were interviewed? Who interviewed the applicants? She might do a good job, but I'm surprised that the federation didn't hire someone who had more experience.

    Phil Collins

    1. There was one person interviewed who had over 2o yrs experience in communications and fundraising which is exactly what the Fed. said they were looking for. Falbe has no idea what he is doing if he picked some one with no experience or he wasn't being truthful about the position.

  6. this was not an exec dir position - it's a social director position. the dinners will continue to go on - and that was the goal.

    lets eat well and keep pretending we are helping the cause. lets also keep supporting deadbeat Committeemen and Township chairs that do nothing.