Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran Considering Attorney General Race

Kerry Lester of the Daily Herald is reporting what many of us knew for a while.  Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran is considering making a statewide run for Attorney General in 2014.  The big question is whether or not Lisa Madigan will run for reelection.
Lisa Madigan defeated Jim Ryan in her initial race for Attorney General many, many moons ago.  Her father, Speaker of the House and Chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party, Michael Madigan, threw every possible resource at her race to guarantee her victory.
During that race, Ms. Madigan repeatedly pestered Jim Ryan with the question: "How many individuals did you prosecute for public corruption while in office?"  Of course, this was during the era where George Ryan was leaving office and facing indictment.
Perhaps Ms. Madigan can cite to us the number of public corruption cases her office has publicly prosecuted since that time?  Perhaps she can update us on the results of her investigation of allegations of sign stealing and possession of stolen property charges against fellow Democrat Patricia Fix, who was just sworn into office as a Circuit Court Judge in Lake County? If she wants, she can combine those rather pathetic public prosecution results with those public prosecutions for corruption by the Cook County State's Attorneys Office under Democrats Dick Devine and Anita Alvarez?
Ms. Lester points out that Mark Curran now has $78,000.00 in his campaign war chest. What she failed to point out is Ms. Madigan now has $3,475,000.00 in her campaign war chest.
Curran has stated that he will run whether Madigan is in the race or not.  Curran during his tenure as Sheriff of Lake County has proven himself to be fearless and independent on many issues, initially as a Democrat and later as a Republican. He is relentless in pursuing justice. Partisans in both political parties love him or hate him depending on what position he takes.
Those qualities should be considered by all of us while Mr. Curran decides to make this run for office in the near future.

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  1. Lisa Madigan's opponent in 2002 was Joe Birkett, not Jim Ryan. Jim Ryan was running for Governor that year.