Friday, November 2, 2012

WBBM Radio Suspends False Scott Drury Ads

Pulling out all the stops, Michael Madigan and the Democratic Party of Illinois ran some radio ads in support of former Federal Prosecutor Scott Drury attacking Republican House Candidate Mark Shaw (58th District) on WBBM Newsradio 78 AM.  
What happened to the truth, Mr. Former Prosecutor?
The press release from the Shaw Campaign reporting this suspension reads as follows:
Statement by State Representative Candidate Mark Shaw in response to WBBM suspending ads placed by Michael Madigan’s Democratic Majority Pac 
“This morning, I was informed that WBBM-Radio Chicago has suspended running radio ads placed by Michael Madigan’s Democratic Majority PAC in support of my opponent, Scott Drury.
“The ad in question falsely claims positions that I have never taken. Madigan and Drury have yet to produce any evidence that supports their claims and WBBM subsequently agreed to suspend airing the spot.
“From the very beginning, Drury and Madigan have engaged in a reckless, false campaign replete with lies, half-truths and gross exaggerations while being devoid of facts.  I am glad WBBM has taken the forceful and near unprecedented action of suspending the Madigan-Drury ads for lack of factual basis. I believe it sends a strong message to voters that the truth still does matter.”

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