Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Senator Mark Kirk Climbs to the Top!

Senator Mark Kirk has been pretty much out of the public eye while rehabbing from a stroke and three brain surgeries.

Last week and this week the Senator emerged to endorse Robert Dold for Congress, Judy Biggert for Congress, Jason Plummer for Congress, and Adam Kinzinger for Congress. He also endorsed Dr. Arie Friedman for State Senate and Jonathan Greenberg for State House.

And then he blew the minds of most political pundits and junkies by participating in this weekend's annual Willis Tower charity stair climb event, something my secretary did successfully several years ago.  Senator Kirk started around the 66th floor and finished on the 103rd!  Senator Kirk climbed 37 stories of stairs to reach the top. 37 stories!  I get winded after two stories and the only surgery I had this year (or ever) was to my right shoulder, which I can't even use as the lamest of the lamest excuse for my stair climbing abilities!

God speed Senator Kirk in his recovery efforts.  It looks like we will be seeing him 100% back in action very shortly!

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