Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Republican Party Resignations

I can see myself getting into hot water with many of my peers in the Republican party with this article. But it needs to be said.

It is now a week since the November 6th election. Republican candidates overall got spanked during those elections, including in our State of Illinois where they were pummeled instead of spanked. Our party should be going through some considerable soul searching and restructuring. My post election article mentioning the spanking sparked many suggestions for change, some of which the authors allowed publication in the comments section. Other suggestions remain private at the request of those authors.

Republicans now face historic low representation in the Illinois House of Representatives and Illinois State Senate in Springfield. Democrats won so many additional seats that they now hold veto-proof majorities of both chambers, to the point where the Democratic Governor of Illinois is basically irrelevant to the legislative process. Any bill he vetoes can be overridden. Any bill he amends on his own before signing it into law can be overridden. If he refuses to sign a bill into law, after a period of time, it automatically becomes law.

Even more irrelevant to State Government than the Democratic Governor are the few Republican members of the State House and State Senate. If the Democrats want, they can completely ignore Republicans in their chambers, instead of merely freely ignoring them as they have in the recent past.

On the federal level, we now have more Democratic Congressmen than Republicans in Illinois, a complete turn around from the 2010 elections.  Illinois' Favorite Son Barack Obama was reelected to a second term of office as President of the United States.

This in spite of the overspending, borrowing and deficits of Springfield Government, and of the Federal Government, thanks to the control of Democrats. With a staggered economy barely showing signs of life after four years, the Democratic shepherds of our Federal and State Governments were supposed to be swept out of office. Instead, the Democrats on the federal level added two Senators thanks to Republican candidates in Indiana and Missouri with foot in mouth disease, and cut back the Republican majority in the House, primarily through Illinois.

In the face of this gruesome result, where are the resignations of Republican party officials in Illinois?

Where are the resignations of the National Republican Chairman and his officers? Where are the resignations of the Illinois Republican Party Chairman and his officers? Where are resignations of the district committeemen who serve on the State Central Committee? Where are the resignations of the party leadership in the Illinois State House and Illinois State Senate? Where are the resignations of the county chairmen and their officers whose counties went "blue" or stayed "blue" or where serious inroads of Democrats occurred in their counties? Where are the resignations of those county Republican Central Committees?

Where are the resignations of Republican Township Chairmen?

The Republican party always prided itself on personal responsibility. Where is the personal responsibility of party leaders following this election? I have drafted my own personal resignation letter to my precinct committeemen as a Republican Township Chairman. It is entirely up to them to evaluate my performance as Chairman and either accept or refuse to accept my resignation.  They elected me to that position. I serve them. They "hired" me. They can fire me.

After all, my Township boundaries were not gerrymandered. The boundaries of the county I live in were not gerrymandered. Yes, Congressional, State House and State Senate districts were severely gerrymandered by Democrats. But explain the county wide candidates who were Republicans who lost elections in their once Republican counties, like Lake? They didn't face gerrymandered boundaries.

Am I the only Republican leader to accept personal responsibility in such a fashion?

I hope not. We in various leadership positions in the Illinois and local Republican Party all need to subject ourselves to some serious performance evaluations. This is true even if we hold a major office or a smaller or minor one. If my fellow committeemen wish to send me packing, my resignation will pave the way. If my fellow committeemen want me to continue in my position, they can tell me why.

We all need to accept responsibility for what occurred.

We are still the Party of personal responsibility.  Right?


  1. I love your leadership, Lou.

  2. Louis,
    The foot soldiers like you aren't the ones who need to resign. That fact that you created this blog is more than the establishment elites and the precinct committeemen did in the past 2 years combined. Other than that, I totally agree with what you are saying here.
    The figure-heads like Tom Cross, Pat Brady, and Bob Cook are the ones who need to resign.

    1. I agree with this post! The ones who did work hard are not the ones who need to resign but we do need better leadership in our county and state party. They failed the candidates. Thanks, Lou, for being bold and saying what needed to be said.

    2. Lou, I think it's great that all three of your followers are calling you great in the midst of a disaster. I guess you're more like Rahm Emanual than I imagined. Rahm always knew how to take advantage of a bad situation. I bet this doesn't get printed.

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Lou,

      Too bad you wasted so much time with this blog instead of working your other precincts in Moraine. Did any Republicans do well in Moraine?

      Answer: NO

  4. I agree that Chairman Brady, Sen. Radogno, and Rep. Cross should resign, this month.

    Phil Collins

    1. Phil, why stop there, why not county leadership? They do nothing!

    2. Hmmmm. I wonder how many of these comments are Lou himself. So many of these afterthoughts are too soon after the original post.

      Inside your own mind, you're a legend Lou. Outside - not so much.

    3. Anon, I'm not Lou.

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