Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Republican Party Resignations, Part II

The last time I expressed my opinion on this issue, I found myself on the receiving end of (1) cold shoulders and (2) quiet approvals when I attended my latest major Republican meeting.  When I asked "Where is the personal responsibility?" and "Aren't we the political party of personal responsibility?" I became radioactive to many of my fellow Republicans. The article which made me radioactive can be read here or can be accessed by scrolling down this page.

It is now twenty-one (21) days since the November 6th election. My article on how badly we were spanked by the voters in Illinois appears over here or can be accessed by scrolling down this page.

So let me ask again: Where are the resignations of Republican party officials in Illinois? Of the National Republican Chairman and his officers? Of the Illinois Republican Party Chairman and his officers? Of district committeemen who serve on the State Central Committee? Of the party leadership in the Illinois State House and Illinois State Senate? Of the county chairmen and their officers whose counties went "blue" or where serious inroads of Democrats occurred? Of those county Republican Central Committees? Of Republican Township Chairmen?

The Republican party stands for personal responsibility. It is time we all practice what we preach. Where is the personal responsibility of party leaders following this election? I will present my resignation letter to my precinct committeemen as a Republican Township Chairman at our meeting next week. It is up to them to evaluate my performance as Chairman and either accept or refuse my resignation. They elected me to that position. I serve them. They "hired" me. They can fire me. I serve them.

My Township boundaries were not gerrymandered. The boundaries of Lake County were not gerrymandered, yet "Republican" Lake County elected two county-wide Democrats to office, and Obama received a strong majority of votes. Congressional, State House and State Senate districts were severely gerrymandered by Democrats.

Am I the only Republican leader to accept personal responsibility in such a fashion? I hope not.

We in various leadership positions in the party, whether large or small, major or minor, still need to subject ourselves to some serious performance evaluations.

We all need to accept responsibility for what occurred. So far that hasn't occurred. Why?

We are still the Party of personal responsibility.  Right?

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