Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our Support of Israel

500 rockets launched by Hamas into Israeli cities including the Holy City of Jerusalem. The rockets all launched from Gaza.  The latest flare up started just after the election.  The new Egyptian President is now calling for a truce after appearing with Palestinian leaders in a show of solidarity.  That tough talk from Romney that was so stridently criticized by Obama and his media lapdogs?

Israel has responded with heavy bombing of the attack sites. Hundreds have died, primarily those living in Gaza.

World reaction is nearly universal and anti-Israel.  I suppose if rockets were launched into European cities, that reaction would suddenly change.

The above photo was taken on Clavey Road in Highland Park, Illinois on September 30, 2012. Obama's received 68% of the vote in 2012 in Moraine Township which is dominated by Highland Park. In 2008 he received 75%.

Here's hoping that President Obama finally figures it all out and restores Israel's place of prominence in our foreign policy.

Israel is a friend that deserves better treatment from us than it has been receiving recently.

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