Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Day Long Bus Ride With Dold For Congress

Our day yesterday began at 10:00 a.m. in the parking lot of the Double Tree Hotel in Mundelein as part of a large, loud and seriously engaged crowd.

Congressman Robert Dold addresses the crowd. Behind him and in attendance were fellow bus passengers, Congressman Adam Kinzinger, Congressman Kevin Yoder (Kansas),  State Representative Sid Mathias, Chief Deputy Clerk and Candidate for Clerk of the Circuit Court Keith Brin and Lake County Board Member Aaron Lawlor.

Following the rally, the crowd continued to hang around. Republicans this year are extremely engaged and excited over this election and the crowd present showed those same characteristics.
We were invited to ride along on the bus by the Congressmen.

Constant honking of horns and flashing of lights by surrounding vehicles while on the road with repeated thumbs up by drivers and passengers quickly became the norm for the day.  

We made two stops in Vernon Hills, first at the Sam's Club on  Milwaukee Avenue, and then to Portillo's on Rt. 60, which found itself swarmed by 30 bus riders for lunch. In attendance included Congressman Robert Dold, Congressman Kevin Yoder, and State Representative Sid Mathias.  We decided not to take the bus through the drive-thru window!

The Bus!

Portillo's of Vernon Hills
Following lunch, I returned to the bus early and stood in front.  A half dozen vehicles stopped and asked if the Congressman was on the bus. When I told them he was having lunch in Portillo's, they all gave me the thumbs up and drove to the drive through to grab some lunch themselves.

The attention getting bus.

What would New York Mayor Bloomberg's opinion be of the size of the sodas these two Congressmen are holding? Did both Congressmen, good friends, color coordinate their attire?

From there we traveled to the quaint downtown of Grayslake, to visit their farmer's market.  

Congressman Robert Dold and Congressman Kevin Yoder at the Farmer's Market.
Following the farmer's market, the schedule was reviewed for the remainder of the day.

The members of the bus take turns helping Congressman Yoder of Kansas acclimate himself to our local cuisine.  Last night he had a Lou Malnati Pizza, and he marveled over the Italian Beef at Portillo's. We advised him to have their chocolate cake before leaving town! He invited us to a Kansas City barbecue sometime after the election.
From Grayslake, we headed south to Highland Park where a rally was held in front of the Arie Friedman for State Senate offices located in the Crossroads Mall on Old Skokie Road.  In attendance and speaking to the crowd were Congressman Robert Dold, Congressman Peter Roskam, Congressman Kevin Yoder, State Senator and Minority Leader Christine Ragdono, State Senator Candidate Arie Friedman and State Representative Candidate Jonathan Greenberg.

Congressman Robert Dold makes the introductions in Highland Park.

Congressman Peter Roskam was next.

Congressman Roskam rallies the crowd with stories of his first campaign for Congress, defeating Tammy Duckworth.

Senate Minority Leader Christine Ragdono rallies the crowd with a story about her very first election to office as a State Senator, winning by just 83 votes.

Dr. Arie Friedman, Candidate for State Senate, spoke of living his entire life in Highland Park and how he and his family would visit the Crossroads Shopping Center when he was just a child. Little did he dream that his campaign HQ would be in that same mall! Dr. Friedman noted that Democrats were offering no plan to fix our broken Springfield government after controlling the wheels of government for the last dozen years. Democrats are quick to attack his plans to fix Springfield.

Jonathan Greenberg addressed the crowd and showed them the holes in the bottom of his shoes after walking precincts for the past year. His determination and zeal were inspiring.
From Highland Park we headed north on Rt. 41 to Park City where a rally was being held on behalf of Mike Nerheim for Lake County State's Attorney.

At Nerheim's campaign office located in Park City. The bus meets up with an antique fire truck to anchor yet another rally.

Congressman Robert Dold with candidate Mike Nerheim for State's Attorney, surrounded by their young children, nieces and nephews.

Congressman Dold addresses the crowd on behalf of Mike Nerheim.
Following the third rally of the day, it was time to head down to Wheeling for visits to Bob Chinn's Seafood Restaurant and the neighboring Superdogs.  (The campaign was temporarily interrupted by the triple overtime football game between Notre Dame and Pittsburg!)

At Bob Chinn's Restaurant.

We parted company with the Dold campaign at 7:00 PM and watched the bus head north on Milwaukee Avenue for three more stops before calling it day.  One of the secrets of Dold's success is his ability to campaign non-stop throughout each and every day. The bus will be traveling the district through election day.

Retail campaigning and politics at its best!

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