Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lake County Board Chairmanship Challenge

Word has finally leaked out and the mainstream press now is reporting the story.  Read Russell Lissau's story in the Daily Herald here.  Russell appears to be the first to report this story.

Current Chairman David Stolman is facing a challenge from fellow Republican Aaron Lawlor for his position when the new Lake County Board is sworn in this coming Monday morning. Various county commissioners are being quoted by Lissau, and their quotes are pretty revealing.

More as this story continues to develop.


  1. hmmm...that's one place in the lake county GOP that doesn't need a change, but a young fresh face climbing the ladder in the lake county GOP could do us some good.
    What else could be in his future - State Senate? Run for Congress? Which district does he live in? There are definitely lots of potential openings for him in Lake County Politics.
    What do you think?

  2. While David Stolman has been a leader and worked for the good of the county and the party, Aaron Lawlor has always been out for one thing and one thing only: Aaron Lawlor and his personal advancement.

  3. Stolman campaigns for all the Republicans and raises and donates over $25,000 for them, then they turn on him anyway? Carlson is an embarrassment to Lake County and to GOP. Those jokers supporting Lawlor have no loyalty the party or to those who help them get elected to office. Some of them got $5,000 donations from Stolman! Where is Bob Cook in all of this?

    Sad day for the Lake County GOP. Sad day for Lake County!

  4. That is the constant question, Where is Bob Cook???? He hardly goes to any events. During the campaign season, he wasn't seen. He wasn't even at the republican picnic, which he insisted be moved to Oct and didn't show up. Even at the swearing in of the county board members and of the county-wide candidates and judges, he wasn't present. Terry Link was there for his people though. This lack of support by Cook stinks!