Friday, November 2, 2012

Judge Candidate and Assistant State's Attorney Stealing Signs?

It boggles the mind.  This blog has written in the past about political sign stealing activities.  Click here and again over here to review two of those articles.

Now a 17 year veteran of the State's Attorneys Office running for Full Circuit Court Judge in Lake County has been placed on paid administrative leave following complaints being filed that she was allegedly seen stealing yard signs.  The yard signs were paid for by the Warren Township Republican Organization and highlighted her "not qualified" status as determined by the Lake County Bar Association.  Warren Township Chairman Mike Amrozowicz filed complaints with various police departments including the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

They paid for 200 signs, put them up and then shortly discovered they had "vanished."  15 signs were picked up by a municipality for being placed in right of ways.  The rest of them?

Turns out some of them were allegedly found in the personal vehicle of Patricia Fix that was allegedly parked in the parking lot adjacent to the Lake County Courthouse where she works. Some sharp eyed individual snapped a few photographs of the alleged stolen signs in her vehicle. Or was she planning to do her opponent, Judge Luis Berrones a favor and put them up in the district she is running in later on that day?

It should be noted that Lake County Government employees are allowed to park their vehicles in the adjacent lot next to the Lake County Courthouse and Lake County Building in Waukegan. Members of the public park on the street where Waukegan Police are notoriously ticket happy or in remote lots.  If these government employees were working in a shopping mall, they would be directed to park their vehicles in a remote location so that customers can use the adjacent places. It does make it pretty easy to find Lake County employee vehicles during the workday. That certainly could not have made Ms. Fix happy.

Ms. Fix has issued statements that she will "vigorously defend herself" and that this is "politics as usual." The matter will be investigated by the Illinois Attorney General's Office headed up by Democrat Lisa Madigan since she is an assistant state's attorney in Lake County.

It just boggles the mind.

(News-Sun Photograph)

The Lake County News-Sun has two articles up on the subject, which can be accessed by clicking here and clicking over here.  The Daily Herald also has a story up on this sad subject.

Ms. Fix is running against Judge Luis Berrones, who has been found highly recommended by the Lake County Bar Association, and who has been strongly endorsed by the Chicago Tribune.

Time for everyone in that district to go and smarten up the voters, who unfortunately know little or nothing about judicial candidates for office other than their party affiliations.  That time is now!

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