Friday, November 16, 2012

Jeepers! National Economic Fiscal Cliff? Our State is Broke?

It seems the day after the elections were over, the main stream media including the largest and most influential newspaper in Illinois, has suddenly noticed that massive fiscal calamity will rain down upon us, destroying our already wounded and slowly recovering economy.  One that will:
  • Severely increase taxes across the board on all citizens with the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts,
  • Cause massive federal cutbacks in spending in many programs,
  • Cause massive defense spending cuts and massive layoffs of workers in the defense industry, and
  • Require another lifting of the debt ceiling.
Jeepers! When did this all happen?

The Tribune is even starting down a countdown. The same Chicago Tribune that endorsed the man who refuse to lead us to a solution to this problem almost a year ago?

No one is mentioning reporter Bob Woodward's book of the Washington Post, where he claimed that Obama deliberately wanted to wait until after the election to deal with this fiscal cliff, and his complete lack of leadership on the subject.

Many are calling it a Thelma and Louise moment, driving the economy of this great nation off a cliff.

Now the Governor of Illinois is floating an idea to borrow $8 billion to pay back bills that the State of Illinois owes to providers. Some of those bills are nearly a year old. A new study is circulating indicating that the State owes its providers $11 billion now, not "just" $8 billion.

Jeepers!  When did this all happen?

In Europe, other nations are following the lead of Greece as their budget busting tactics have brought on increased human misery. Spain, Italy, Portugal and other nations are now struggling.  Greece has passed yet another austerity package in order to borrow more money from the European Union just to keep its government running.

Jeepers!  When did this all happen?

OK, I'm being just a little bit sarcastic here.  These issues were not front and center during the campaign. Democrats who ran our state government into the ground chose to focus on other issues, and blame Republicans for the fiscal calamity facing our state.  Pension crisis?  Democrats who ran our federal government into fiscal cliff status blame Republicans for this calamity?  And that Republican President who shelved the Simpson-Bowles report until after the election? Whose name is Barack Obama?

I've been around long enough to understand that election season can really be named nonsense season.  I also understand that Democrats are generally better than Republicans at pointing the finger of blame away from themselves. Soon Republicans will improve in that department, to the betterment of our nation, state and local governments.  And yes, that is more sarcasm.

Remember, voters get the type of government they voted for.  That is what Democracy is all about. Now the winners get to govern and fix all these problems. Let's just hope that they govern a whole lot better than their past performances.

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  1. Not only are Ds better at pointing the finger, they are also much better at outright prevarication in their campaign ads and tactics.

    Also, we are not a democracy, but rather a representative Republic.

    Just some food for thought.

    Trebor of Libertyville