Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting Spanked on Election Night.

It's the day after the election and our Republican Party has a lot to ponder.

Perhaps its time focus on two "L" words and ask the following questions:

  1. Are we as a party LISTENING to voters and their concerns or are we just LECTURING at them? 
  2. If we ARE lecturing voters, do our messages in our lectures make any sense?

Use any issue you wish that is present in the National Republican or Illinois Republican platforms in attempting to answer these questions.

I have been bombarded by telephone calls by many upset, angry, shocked and astonished Republicans.  I attended a number of campaign parties last night in areas all over Lake County and didn't get to a few I planned on. Most of those I attended felt like wakes. I have also spoken to a number of Democrats who are pleased at the results last night but are also a little stunned at some of the returns.

I will save the internal inside baseball stuff of reforming or rebuilding the Republican Party in Illinois and Lake County for future meetings I may or may not attend and not post my thoughts about that sort of thing here.

So today, let me know your thoughts. You may send them here as part of the comments section by clicking on the link at the bottom of this posting. If you wish your comments to remain confidential and unpublished, just say so on your posting and I will honor your request. You can include your name or post anonymously. Or you can e-mail me directly at my "political" email:  If you wish to have your email remain confidential, just say so.

I look forward to hearing from all of you who visit here and to listen to your thoughts.


  1. Our party has failed our candidates and we have got to do better. We are now a Democratic county, where once we were a Republican one. WHAT HAPPENED?? We had high quality candidates. How can a judge with integrity get beaten by a prosecutor who steals campaign signs? How can a caring man lose to an uncaring pathologist who reads slides but really knows nothing about the Coroner's office? How can a person like Joe Neal lose to someone who played very dirty politics and tells lies, yet the public believes her? I don't get it. We Republicans have to do better!!

  2. Bill Brady, now Romney, tried to focus campaigns on Economic and Governance issues, and skipped the Social ones. Democrats bore right in on those and Conservatives fumbled badly with Atkins and Murdock to the extent I wondered if these guys had ever really thought hard on what are grave issues of Life and the Government's responsibilities to protect. Lesson is we can no longer set those aside, and we need to talk about them without recourse to religiosity. Much work to be done here.

  3. I wonder if there is a third L we need to look at, namely telling a Lie. Do it in a coordinated and calculating way like so many of the Dems did this campaign. Just look at B.S.'s commercials. Dold a tea partier; wanting to drill in Lake Michigan. Or the entire BHO campaign openly out to "kill" Romney all summer long attacking Bain, Romney, his taxes, his successes.
    I am not saying we should. But it is certainly something to look at as the dems did it so successfully this time.

    Trebor of Libertyville

  4. Hi,

    As I reflected the defeat last night, there are several points I want to make:

    1. The primary lasted too long, and all firing at Romney did not help
    2. Romney did not talk about Bengazi was a mistake
    3. Hurricane Sandy aided Obama in the most crucial time, and Romney did not pick up the momentum from his first debate momentum
    4. Republicans needs to develop and cultivate the relationship with Hispanics and Asians, as Hispanic population is already big, and Asians population will be big (already on its way)

    Please get and post more positive and encourage comments on your website/email to us, so that we can get out of this shock faster and go back to work, take this country back!!!

  5. Hi,


    I forgot to mention that Republicans should install more Republican journalist on other net works, so that their audience can hear our side. I have been only watching the Fox News, where I hear all the things I agree, but others do not hear our side on other channels.

    Oh, another thing about the emails that sent out by Romney campaign, they always ask for donation of $5,$10 without sending out the message along with it.

  6. Just an observation. Do you people have a Chairman of the Republican Party in Lake County? Didn't see him around the entire election. When sign-stealing/sign-possessor Pat Fix got into trouble, she held a press conference with Terry Link standing right next to her. Where was your guy? At anything?

    1. He does very little for the candidates or the party and is hardly ever at any events.

  7. I live in your precinct. I found a beautiful two page letter from you with comments about all the candidates and with all candidate literature (except Romney) hanging on my door knob. I called you with a question about early voting and the constitutional amendment and you were gracious and informative. We discussed the pros and cons of voting Republican like two intelligent human beings, like God intended. You explained why there was no Romney literature because none was available to Republicans in Illinois.

    I bet the other precinct captains didn't do that kind of work. If all Republicans worked that hard, the title of your article would be Democrats getting spanked on election night.

    I bet your future Republican meetings will have a lot of shouting, anger and no listening. Retool your message. Make it understandable. Just like you did in your precinct letter.

    And fire all your party leaders! They failed us!

  8. Give it up you guys. Obama handily won Lake County. Vanderventer handily won against a Tea Party guy for Recorder. Newton lost out to a guy who barely campaigned and looks like he should have been on a Coroner's slab. That's 3 out of 5 races decided between the boundaries of Lake County. 3 Blue wins out of 5. And your county leader Cooke is complaining about gerrymandering? Those county lines weren't moved. And explain how you GOP lost the 31st Senate seat, in strong GOP territory and lost Cole vs. Yingling in another safe GOP area? Another Democrat elected judge?

    Lake is a Blue County now. We'll toast Cook and his Tea Party and RALC pals for their gift to Democrats! An entire county! Gift wrapped with a big blue bow!

  9. The big issues were jobs and the economy. But the far right wing of our party didn't want to talk about jobs and the economy. They kept wanting to talk about social issues and scaring voters away with claims that raped women can never get pregnant and other nonsense.

    They got what they wanted. And the Republican party suffered because of it.

    The right wing wants to go back to the values of our Founding Fathers. The same founders to put slavery in the constitution and counted blacks as only 3/5 of a person? The same founders who didn't give women the right to vote?

    With a massive record of failure in Springfield, Democrasts concentrated on social issues and abortion instead of their records. They scared the voters right back into their arms. And Republicans helped by talking stupid and being stupid. The same thing happened with Obama and the federal elections. Democrtats added seats in the senate!@ We lost Missouri and Indiana because of two idiot candidates. Joe Walsh dragged Dold down with him by talking crazy.

    Not only does the party leadership need to be replaced, but the idiots of the far right who keep talking crazy should be shown the door. Let real Republicans take over again. The ones who want government to stay out of the personal lives of people, and want government to be smaller and less intrusive.

  10. Dear Readers,

    I've been letting a lot of comments go even though some are getting personal and not really answering the questions I asked. Try sticking to the questions please. Let's have an intelligent discussion here.

    If you want a cage match bloodbath, go elsewhere please.

    Louis G. Atsaves

  11. Enough already.
    I've heard enough tea party bashing.
    If it's the tea party's fault, how the heck did moderates of all moderates (pro-choice, pro-abortion) Bob Dold and Judy Biggert get beat by radical leftist Brad Schneider and 1%'er Bill Foster; not to mention the northerneastern moderate Mitt Romney losing to the same type radical leftist Obama?!
    Obama got 11 million fewer votes than 2008, yet the turnout percentages were about the same.
    The bottom line, conservatives stayed home again, and we got creamed, again.
    In Illinois, the "Republican" party is now irrelevant. We have to start over and throw out the establishment elites like Cross and Cooke and get leaders (Louis?) who actually want play offense and win.

  12. The Republicans in Lake County got gutted across the board. Lake County is now a Democrat county. We need a change in leadership here and we need to start rebuilding from the ground up.

  13. Anon 6:59: You speak the truth to a point. Dold and Biggert were repeatedly tied to the Tea Party by Democratic ads run by 1% Foster and 1% Schneider. They claimed that moderate Dold & Biggert followed Walsh's votes and followed him around like little puppies on a tight leash, defying intelligent logic. Walsh at many town hall meetings proclaimed Dold as being his own man.

    But that ad worked in Highland Park. It worked elsewhere. It didn't matter how false, Democrats Foster and Schneider cynically stuck to them. They couldn't run on the truth. And we Republicans wouldn't let them run on the truth anyway, too many of us veered from it by bringing up social issues while our fragile economy is on the verge of another collapse, and faces a fiscal cliff that never mentioned by either party or the blind mainstream media.

    My first article that started this blog spoke about the fiscal cliff. It remains the second most popular article I have ever published on this site.

    Cynical liars were rewarded. They were elected in part on a pack of lies. Trebor, who posted yesterday here, hit that nail on the head. Other posters noted we can bellyache about remaps but we did lose 3 out of 5 races where maps didn't matter (Lake County borders only) and won the 4th (State' Attorney) by a close margin. Only Keith Brin cruised to a strong victory against an unimpressive replacement candidate.

    For the most part we were out organized and out spent. Remember all that campaign "reform" with spending limits out of Springfield? Calling something "reform" doesn't make it reform. Ask Madigan and Cullerton, who spent tons of cash in Lake County on Democratic candidates. Candidates who in turn lied to us about their "independence." Their first votes will be to elect their chamber leaders. Guess who these "independents" will vote for?

    It is clear that conservatives stayed home this election. I can count a minimum of 20 conservatives who refused to put out signs or vote for Dold in my little neck of the woods. Dold lost by a mere 2,500 votes. They are one reason why we are now to be represented by super-liberal, super wealthy Schneider who will vote against EVERYTHING those so-called conservatives stand for.

    Multimillionaire Schneider spent the entire campaign claiming he was just an ordinary middle class guy, but files documents stating his net worth was between $5-25 million? No wonder he hid his tax returns!

    Porter, Kirk and Dold were true middle class representatives. Their net worth combined doesn't approach 1% Schneider's! If a 1% Republican ran in the 10th, Democrats would have spent the entire campaign sneering about it, just like they sneered at Romney.

    So let's return to the two "L" words, shall we? Are we listening to voters or lecturing at them? Because lecturing at voters clearly isn't working when they are too afraid to vote Republican and they instead elect the political party that ran Springfield into a state of bankruptcy to the point where they have been closing mental health centers and prisons, and elect Barack Obama and a pack of liars to Washington, DC to continue policies of spend, spend, spend. And now that they've both spent us into deep insurmountable holes, they babble about increasing revenues by taxing the victims of their follies. The taxpayers.

    That's my rant. Anyone in the Republican Party who thinks that continuing the status quo in how we approach elections, voters and promote out message is simply insane.

    The status quo has lead us down a blind alley. We have to admit our mistakes, reevaluate our leadership and bring in some fresh blood to turn things around.

    Louis G. Atsaves
    Just Another Republican*

    *According to Brad Schneider.

    1. Louis,
      It seems from Brady/Quinn, and now Dold/Schneider, et al, that negative ads work. Simple as that, regardless of what the "electorate" says.
      Going forward (sorry for the use of that word, but we have to move forward from this), I'm telling my 10th district friends to watch Schneider's votes, and write and call him when he goes all "progressive" on us.
      Now as far are social issues are concerned, I agree lecturing is bad, but educating voters with obvious facts are necessary. Like Quinn got the union members out to vote by running ads and robo calls saying Brady was going to make Illinois a right to work state. Brady couldn't do that, the legislature would.
      Obama framed Romney that he wanted to ban abortion and take their contraception away. Again, aside from an executive order, that's a function of the legislature.
      How do we get that message across without sounding like we are lecturing?
      Anon 6:59am

  14. R's lost in Lake County due to the top of the ticket, redistricting and zero ground game. The Dold campaign far outperformed Romney here yet still fell short. It is no longer the 10th we used to know - Madigan et al knew what they were doing with the map. As for the R Party as a whole in Lake County and IL in General - what a massive failure. Cook is a figurehead with zero idea of what he needs to do. There is no ground game here save for what the campaigns themselves do (this was a failure at the national level as well). The state party has been in the wilderness for so long I am not sure they know anything else - or how to find their way out. Moreover, like 2010, this was a wave election, just in the other direction. And again, that is due to the top of the ticket.

    How do we get out? I wish I had the answers, but we can't keep putting a lot of the old guard in charge - lest we get another Cook in the kitchen. I like to compare guys like that to Barkhausen - who seems to be an overall nice guy, but will do anything to hold on to whatever little slice of the power pie he can. Dear Lord, the guy was a state Senator forever and now he is running for County Board. Let it go my friend. Your time is up. When we play small, we lose big.

    And to whomever mentioned the local precinct captains, you were spot on. Lou seems to be the only one who actually got out and worked - I certainly didn't get any candidate info on my door - nor did my neighbors.

    You want real ground game in Lake County - look to the one candidate who the party did not back - Mike Nerheim. Phenomenal job with ZERO party help. They need to show everyone in LC how it's done b/c they had the most diverse and enthusiastic volunteers in the state.

    I know I jumped all over the place in my rant, and I apologize if it seems confusing, but I am sick and tired of hearing the same whines and complaints after every election, regardless of outcome. These jobs (party heads) should no longer be resume padders, but should go to the people with an actual plan of rebuilding here and to those who will actually put boots on the ground.

    Enjoy your weekends all.

    1. I agree not all committeemen and township chairmen may do their jobs, but a blanket condemnation is erroneous. I know that in Libertyville Twp our chair and many of our committeemen went out door to door, distributed signs, spoke to people,etc. And while we endorsed differently in the primary, we actively supported Nerheim in the general election. Check Willard's websight to see the precinct or township results.

      Trebor of Libertyville

  15. Unfortunately, R's are considered out of touch older white folk who don't care about others.

    We must change that perception; it may take years to do just that, but well worth the investment.

    Many of our citizens have no clue as to the reality of economics and believe that good intentions trump good results. Our universities demonize Conservatism and all its believers.

    There is much to do such as reaching out to the Hispanic community, young adults and minorities. We need to recruit younger candidates and be willing to financially support them.