Sunday, November 11, 2012

America is now an Old World Country

There have been several outstanding articles written post election that stand out from the pack. Rather than reprinting articles and running into copyright issues, I strongly advise that everyone read Janet Daley's article in the Daily Telegraph of London, which I believe is the largest newspaper in Great Britain.

Ms. Daley has concluded that America has become an Old World country. According to her, Europe got the American president it wanted, one who would present no threat to its own delusions. And America is now officially a European nation, complete with class hatred, ethnic Balkanization, bourgeois guilt and a paternalistic ruling elite that is locked into the same death spiral of public overspending and self-defeating wealth redistribution.

She mourns what she described as the terminal decline of the West. A decline fostered by the belief that public spending is inherently virtuous, that poverty can be cured by penalizing wealth creation, and government intervention can engineer social fairness. She calls this the Gordon Brown vision of government as an omnipotent benefactor and purveyor of social justice, a vision Great Britain is currently trying to escape, and one in which the European Union finds itself trapped in economic stagnation and social division.

A system where the rich are resented, the successful accused of "you didn't build that," and traditional values of personal aspirations are replaced with a system where personal aspirations are thwarted.

This outstanding article can be read in its entirety right here.

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