Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two Extremely Effective Republican TV Ads

Who Controls the Legislative Gavel Controls the Legislative Agenda.

This year we have been seeing a lot of this message from Republican candidates for the State House. Their message is "a vote for the Democratic candidate is the same as a vote for Michael Madigan." What few voters know is that the first vote an elected legislator casts, whether in Springfield or Washington, DC, is for who will lead their chamber. 

Who leads the chamber determines legislative committee assignments. Decides which bills will be called for a debate and vote. Which bills are never, ever called or debated. And when those bills are called. Democratic Representative Carol Sente loyally voted for Michael Madigan two years ago to continue his long reign as Speaker of the House. Mr. Madigan two years ago spent a small fortune on her race to assure her election. And Ms. Sente again is receiving assistance from Mr. Madigan.

Who controls the gavel controls the agenda.Who controls the agenda controls the future destiny of Illinois. That is frankly, how it works in our legislative systems. Madigan now controls the gavel in the House. He has been for nearly four decades. Our government in Springfield remains broke, even after a lame duck last second 66-2/3% increase in our State income taxes two years ago. Illinois is financially worse now than it was two years ago.

Representative Sid Mathias has a new advertisement up which is running in his area which states this fact and the downward spiral of Illinois the past few decades. Mr. Mathias is a long time member of the minority party in the Illinois House.  He should know how things work and where the problems exist.  

If you want a return of Nancy Pelosi to the Speaker of the House in Washington, D,C, vote for Democrat Brad Schneider and his fellow Democrats running for Congress.  If you want a return of Michael Madigan as he approaches four decades as Speaker of the House in Springfield, then vote for the Democrats running for state house, individuals like Sente, Drury, Yingling and others.  This list may even include Independent Dee Beaubien, who is also being heavily funded by Madigan. If you want to see President Cullerton continue to preside over the State Senate, then vote for the Democratic State Senate candidates, like Senator Link, and candidates Bush, Morrison and Howland.

If you want a new direction for this Country and for the State of Illinois, then you need to vote Republican this election cycle.

It's all about who controls those gavels.

Speaking of Lame Duck Democratic Income Tax Increases .  .  .

State Senate Republican Candidate Arie Friedman has had this very effective ad, featuring his opponent Julie Morrison in her very own words and body language:

After nearly a year of fearfully refusing to answer a simple question about it, it would appear that Ms. Morrison now is finally in favor of keeping the "temporary" 66-2/3% State Income Tax increase around. Anyone who really thinks this tax increase is truly "temporary" needs to pay a few tolls on the Illinois State Tollway system. A trick question or indecisiveness?

If she is elected, when bills in Springfield are called for debate and a vote by the Illinois Senate President she would cast her vote for, will Ms. Morrison be given the opportunity to "think about it" for around 9 months or so before voting "yes" or "no"?

Sorry Ms. Morrison, legislatures don't work that way. Some tough votes often are taken on a moment's notice.

It's clear that Arie Friedman has that figured out. And Friedman hasn't been very bashful or fearful  about stating where he stands on controversial issues. The recent vicious attacks on Friedman's position on abortion both by the far left and right wings of politics amply proves his fearlessness.


  1. Hi Lou (aka Common Sense) -

    Another great article with one exception: it is not Mister Friedman but rather Doctor Friedman.

    Trebor of Libertyville

  2. Thanks for the heads up Trebor. I made a small edit to fix the problem!