Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Debatable Representative Carol Sente

Representative Carol Sente is still up to her old tricks. Two years ago she avoided debating Dan Sugrue, this year when cornered, she promised to schedule four (4) debates with Representative Sid Mathias.

Then vanished!  No debates!  No returned phone calls!  No Carol!

This sounds like a job for Sherlock Holmes! But will he be able to find such a tiny fly weight this late in the game and drag her kicking and screaming to debate the issues in front of voters?

The Mathias campaign latest press release tells the whole story:

Carol Sente Continues to Avoid Debates with Sid Mathias

BUFFALO GROVE, IL – Carol Sente continues to refuse to debate Sid Mathias. To date not a single debate has been held, and with Early Voting beginning next Monday time is running out to hold debates before voting begins so that voters can have the opportunity to see the candidates debate the critical issues facing Illinois families.

“It is clear Sente is simply ignoring our call for debate in hopes that she will not have to answer for her record of hiking property taxes and supporting the Chicago Democrats that have run this state into the ground,” stated Arlen Gould, Mathias’ campaign spokesman. “This comes as no surprise since she refused to debate her opponent in the last election as well. Clearly, she has no interest in answering to voters directly for her record. Combine that with the half a million dollars she has received from her Party boss Mike Madigan, and one has to wonder who she will be beholden to in Springfield: the voters of the 59th district or the special interests and party leaders who have no desire to reform Illinois?”

In responses to the Buffalo Grove Patch last week,1 Sente claimed that the candidates had met at six forums, which is a blatant lie. In addition, the two forums she listed to back up her claim were either private events or were out of district. To date there has not been even one debate held in district that is open to the public.

Also in the article Sente claimed: “My opponent and I have very different outlooks on key government reforms and I think we should debate issues that are on voters’ minds like pensions, public safety and women’s health.” Sid Mathias responded to that claim: “I agree, Carol. That’s why I have been calling for these debates. So if you’re ready to stop hiding behind misleading mailers and Mike Madigan’s political operatives, let’s get on stage and debate so the voters of the 59th district can decide for themselves who would be best to represent their needs in Springfield.”

About Sid Mathias:
Sid Mathias, of Buffalo Grove, is a State Representative and the former Village President of Buffalo Grove. He was a practicing attorney for 38 years with offices in Arlington Heights, and his wife, Rita, is a retired teacher from School District #96. He has two married sons: Elliot, a graduate of Northwestern University, and Scott, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin. He and Rita have six grandchildren.

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  1. A representative who will hide from the voters and accept unlimited cash from Speaker Madigan. Carol Sente is exactly what Illinois DOES NOT need more of.