Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Brad Schneider Businessman Two Step Continues

The Daily Herald has released two videos of the endorsement session held this week between Brad Schneider and Congressman Robert Dold. The video edits were made by the Daily Herald:

The Daily Herald also has a series of articles about the endorsement session by Russell Lissau today that can be accessed here and with a follow up. The Tea Party label that Schneider has been desperately trying to pin on Dold was rebutted by a multi-page report on voting records of Congressmen by the Washington Post.

The follow up story covers Dold's statement that he will release his income tax returns for the last two years during an argument over the business experience of both gentlemen. Schneider refused to release his income tax returns and claims his filings with authorities showing "zero" income since January of 2010 represent adequate disclosure about his successful "business" to voters.

"Businessman" Brad Schneider has been reporting to authorities that he earned no income from his business since January of 2010. He told the Daily Herald that he put his business efforts aside so that he could run for Congress full time.

The Illinois State Republican Party has a video out on that one which was recently published on this site. It is reproduced again for reference purposes:

Now Robert Dold was first elected to Congress in November of 2010, defeating Democrat Dan Seals for the office he now holds. Is Brad Schneider telling us he suspended his business operations for nine months in the year 2010 so he could run for Congress? Isn't a significant part of that period of time when Dan Seals was running for Congress in the 10th?

Something about that answer makes little or no sense.

Is Schneider being dishonest about his business experiences with the authorities he is reporting to or is he being dishonest about it with the voting public of the 10th Congressional District?  Or both?

He's had plenty of time now to answer these questions.

Instead we continue to see the Brad Schneider Businessman Two Step.  It won't qualify him for "Dancing With The Stars." And it shouldn't qualify him for Congress.


  1. Schneider is lying and his candidacy is unraveling. He said he consulted corporations that had $500 million in revenue. He hasn't made any money for at least the last 3 years!

  2. These videos are absolutely brutal. Brad Schneider is a 3rd tier candidate at best. What an amateur.

  3. I can't beleive Brad won't release his tax returns after hitting Mitt Romney for not releasing his. What a hypocrit this so-called "businessman" is!!