Thursday, October 25, 2012

Taking Care of Herself: Julie Morrison's Votes on Her Pay Increases

West Deerfield Township Supervisor Julie Morrison was quick to announce she was running for the 29th State Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Senator Susan Garrett.

As other videos posted on this site pointed out, she was not so quick to come to a decision about the 66-2/3% "temporary" State Income Tax increases we were walloped with by a lame duck session of Springfield politicians two years ago.  Every single Democrat voted for those tax increases. Our tax rate went from 3% to 5% in the blink of an eye.

Now Governor Quinn's assistant budget director is threatening more closings of prisons and even state colleges if more revenues are not generated by the State.  Hold on to your wallets, folks!  The lame duck session of the Springfield legislature begins after the November 6th elections.

Ms. Morrison, after nearly 8 months, finally decided to allow the "temporary" tax increases to remain in place until they "expire" two years from now.  Like the "temporary" tax increase from 2-1/2% to 3% that existed years ago?

Ms. Morrison it appears was pretty quick to decide that her salary as West Deerfield Township Supervisor needed to be increased. Her votes for such increases have lead to her income climbing faster than her those taxpayers of West Deerfield Township, which have seen their income decline these past few years.

Dr. Arie Friedman has a new television ad highlighting this problem.  Notice the chart in the ad which tells the entire sad tale. That chart is enough to raise anyone's blood pressure on this issue:

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  1. I'm sure readers of this blog are well aware of the specter of a progressive (instead of flat) income tax structure. I would think this could come up in the lame duck session especially if some old guard democrats lose next month.