Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some Real Reporters Who Actually Dig For News!

I can be harsh on what I call Lap Dog Media behavior at times, but this week a series of real articles written by real journalists from traditional respected media have been popping up concerning the 10th Congressional District race. It's nice to see these reporters dig in and really do their homework and report the facts they uncover.

Let me toss out a few examples just this week of what real fact checkers and reporters look like.

Tom Robb of The Journal-Topics newspaper chain in Cook County suburbia, decries the Democratic portrayal of Congressman Robert Dold as a Tea Party, Let Women Die, Kill Medicare and Social Security, Drill in Lake Michigan, Halloween scare your little babies kind of guy. You know, that special mix of Freddy Krueger and Frankenstein. Robb does some research and reports that Dold is really a thoughtful moderate and not a heartless partisan monster. Pretty impressive reporting coming from a chain of newspapers which usually endorses Democrats. The article called "Dold Too Moderate to Be Labeled a Tea-Partier" can be read here.

The Daily Herald's Russell Lissau clearly downed a quart or two of Red Bull and did some extensive homework. He plowed through both candidates's FEC reports on their fundraising and expenditures and reported extensively on his findings which can be read over here.  I merely reported Lissau's findings in an earlier posting, but he is the one who spent hours plowing through those numbers, donations and expenditures. I just posted what he found. That article is called "Dold Has a Big Cash Lead in 10th District."

Today's Chicago Tribune has two well detailed factual reports concerning Congressman Robert Dold and challenger Brad Schneider in their 10th Congressional District race.  Investigated and written by Dan Hinkel and Joseph Ryan, the Dold piece entitled "Republican Dold Tries to Put the Focus on His Independence Rather Than His Party"can be accessed right here.  The Schneider piece entitled "Democrat Schneider Has a District Drawn in His Favor But an Underfunded Campaign" can be accessed right over here. These reporters go through campaign finances, business backgrounds, and even dig into building permits and government contracts. Interesting is how transparent Robert Dold is over Brad Schneider, who continues to refuse to disclose his income tax returns or explain what the dormant Cadence Consulting actually does or doesn't do. Schneider could be worth how much?

Maybe we should call their editors and demand these reporters get raises for their efforts? Their counterpart screamers on CNN, MSNBC and FOXNEWS certainly make considerably more money than these hardworking reporters.

The hardworking reporters are knocking themselves out informing us about these candidates.  The cable news folks are mostly entertainers who wouldn't know a fact from spin even if it jumped up and bit them in the nose.

For fact checking, Candy Crowley needs to consult these four real reporters.

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