Monday, October 8, 2012

Serial Exaggerators Stumble Against The Real Deals

A few Facebook friends sent me this photograph taken just after the first Presidential Debate between challenger Mitt Romney and our Serial Exaggerator President Barack Obama.

That look that First Lady Michelle Obama is giving Mitt Romney?  Glare?  Despair?  Murderous? A How Could You Do This To My Husband? A Just You Wait Buster? A You Can't Do That To My Husband?

I can't quite make up my mind. But she sure looks like she wants to punch out Mitt Romney.

The other thing I'm not quite sure about is whether or not this image was photoshopped or if it is the real deal.  Most photographs I see on Facebook are photoshopped or edited, especially when they come attached to political messages.  It looks real enough.  If anyone knows better, please feel free to correct us.

Serial exaggerator Brad Schneider has also been extremely busy distorting Congressman Dold's record and positions for a long time now. A recent mailer showing an oil rig in the middle of Lake Michigan was one of his latest doozies!  Schneider had a tough last week as his serial exaggerations are catching up with him, including his exaggerations about his recent consulting work and consulting corporation.  The Tribune called a few of those serial exaggerations "laughable" including Schneider's fictional Dold voting record claims. They then prudently went on and endorsed Robert Dold for reelection. You can read our recent posting about it, which includes a link to the Tribune endorsement and a link to the hour video of the Dold vs. Schneider debate in front of their editorial board, by clicking right here

When the serial exaggerator pulled the same stunt in front of the Daily Herald during their endorsement session, Congressman Dold pulled out the facts and laid it out page by page by page by page until it was abundantly clear how laughable Schneider's statements were. You can click here to verify that when Robert Dold was done, it was also very clear that the Daily Herald needed a larger conference table. The article making the rounds of the internet is called "Best Use of a Prop in Debate History."

The Daily Herald videos of that session were first published here last week. Click over here to view them again!

I enjoy it when serial exaggerators meet their matches.  Brad Schneider met his.  Too bad Michelle Obama wasn't available to have Schneider's back when he met with his opponent in front of the Daily Herald and the Chicago Tribune.

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