Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Senator Mark Kirk Endorses Dr. Arie Friedman for State Senate

For Immediate Release:

October 23, 2012

Senator Mark Kirk Endorses
Arie Friedman for State Senate

"Arie will be a voice of reason and common sense in broken Springfield" - Sen. Mark Kirk

Highland Park - Senator Mark Kirk took time off from his schedule this week to offer praise and a heartfelt endorsement for Dr. Arie Friedman's State Senate candidacy.

"Join me in voting for Arie Friedman. Arie will be a voice of reason and common sense in broken Springfield," said Sen. Kirk.  "We need his leadership in the Senate to continue the fight for lower taxes, less borrowing and less spending. I will be voting for Arie and I hope you do too."

As a fellow Navy veteran, Arie was especially gratified by Senator Kirk's endorsement. Additionally, Senator Kirk resides in the 29th District and will become a constituent of Dr. Friedman's if he is elected on November 6th. Arie believes Senator Kirk embodies everything an elected official should be and intends to follow in his footsteps as a representative of the people.

"Words cannot describe how honored I am to be endorsed by Senator Kirk," said Friedman. "Over the past few years, the Senator has become a friend and a mentor. I intend to make him proud by taking our shared commitment to fiscal discipline down to Springfield. As the Senator has said so many times, I plan to be a State Senator who will spend less, borrow less, and tax less. That's the only way we will get Illinois back on the right track!"

Media Contact:
Paul Miller, Campaign Manager

Dr. Friedman is the Republican candidate for state senate in the 29th District. He and his wife, Michelle Rosenthal, are the parents of five children. Dr. Friedman is a graduate of the University of Chicago and finished at the top of his medical school class at the University of Illinois Medical Center in 1998. Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Friedman served in the United States Navy as a helicopter pilot. During his seven years of active duty, Dr. Friedman flew SH-60B Seahawk helicopters out of Naval Air Station North Island, California, from which he deployed twice, including once to the Persian Gulf as part of Operation Desert Storm.

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  1. Arie is the man! We need him in the Illinois Senate!