Monday, October 15, 2012

Republicans Score Strong Majority of Newspaper Endorsements

I keep telling everyone who is still willing to listen to me (and with the election a mere 22 days away those numbers are diminishing) that Republicans this election cycle have run the strongest candidates I have ever seen in and around the 10th Congressional District.
The two major newspapers in this region who still endorse candidates seem to agree with me.
Senator Matt Murphy (R-27th) has been strongly endorsed by both the Daily Herald and Chicago Tribune.
State Senate Candidate Arie Friedman (R-29) was strongly endorsed by the Chicago Tribune, who described him as one of the strongest candidates we see on the ballot this year, and cited his willingness to take some unpopular steps to get our state's sad financial condition in order. The Daily Herald found Friedman to be "clearly a smart man" but felt his opponent Julie Morrison would reach across the aisle for solutions and they were planning to hold her to that.
Where the two newspapers strongly differ in their analysis is the 30th State Senate District. State Senate Candidate Don Castella (R-30) was endorsed by the Chicago Tribune, who complained of Senator Link's old-school Illinois politics. The Daily Herald found "distaste" in Link's votes and positions, but then endorsed him, finding Castella's positions not realistic.
State Senate Candidate Joe Neal (R-31) was endorsed by the Chicago Tribune, finding him more straightforward about the need for change and his willingness to own an unpopular position. The Daily Herald differed, citing Melinda Bush's knowledge of central Lake County in their endorsement and recapped her positions which mirrored Neal's. 
The above Tribune endorsements can be read here.
The three Daily Herald endorsements can be read over here, and here, and finally here.

The Tribune has yet to endorse anyone for the State House seats. Both papers still have a number of seats to give us their opinions.  When they both finish, maybe we will compile a quick scorecard for future reference.

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  1. Hi Lou - great job you are doing here at Common Sense!

    As I noted over at Team America, the DH simply couldn't stomach Castella's views on social issues. Rather than bending over backwards to manufacture some reason to endorse Link, it should have just made 'no' endorsement.

    The Tribune had a lot more guts, especially since it admitted that Link was likely to win anyway.