Thursday, October 11, 2012

Representative Sente Still Won't Debate?

The Sid Mathias for State Representative campaign has put out a press release about Representative Carol Sente's continuing refusal to debate him, even though she publicly accepted his challenge a month ago.

Those who recall The Dan Sugrue vs. Carol Sente race two years ago will recall that Ms. Sente only agreed to one debate before the League of Women's Voters, then she no-showed it and sent her sister to read a prepared statement.  The prepared statement thanked Senator Terry Link for arranging for her to be appointed to that seat!

Thanks to Democratic gerrymandering, this race features two State Representatives, Sid Mathias and Carol Sente, pitted against each other.  The gerrymandering was designed to eliminate Mathias, who has spent years annoying Speaker Michael Madigan by getting reelected numerous times even though Madigan repeatedly targets him for defeat.

The press release tells the whole sad tale and is reprinted below:

Carol Sente Continues to Avoid Debates with Sid Mathias

BUFFALO GROVE, IL – Despite a public acceptance of Sid Mathias’ debate challenge by Carol Sente on September 13th,1 Sente and her staff continue to avoid scheduling the three public debates that Mathias has called for so that 59th District voters could compare and contrast the candidate’s views on important issues.

“It has now been over a month since we issued our debate challenge, yet we still have not been able to get Sente locked down for a single debate let alone the three she promised the voters,” said Arlen Gould, Mathias campaign spokesman. “We have sent several rounds of potential dates to the Sente campaign yet all we receive back are excuses and or no response as to why those dates will not work. Multiple news outlets and non-partisan organizations and individuals have pledged to host and moderate these debates, yet Sente and her staff continue to delay with the clear goal of running the clock out so that they do not have to stand on stage and answer for Sente’s record of raising property taxes.”

The challenge called for three public debates between now and Monday, October 22nd, the date that Early Voting begins. The challenge stipulates the debates must be held at times and in venues easily accessible to the public, be moderated by mutually-agreed upon non-partisan individuals, and be conducted in an open Lincoln-Douglas style format with both candidates able to address and question the other on specific topics.

Said Mathias: “With families struggling thanks to hard economic times and tax increases, the public is rightfully concerned with how their representative in Springfield will vote and whether they will be a voice for their needs over the will of special interests and Party leaders. I want to stand on stage with my opponent so that we could answer questions about our positions and what we believe to be the path forward for Illinois and the communities in the 59th District. Unfortunately, it seems my opponent would rather hide behind false attacks on my record and misleading mailers sent by her leader Speaker Mike Madigan.”

About Sid Mathias:
Sid Mathias, of Buffalo Grove, is a State Representative and the former Village President of Buffalo Grove. He was a practicing attorney for 38 years with offices in Arlington Heights, and his wife, Rita, is a retired teacher from School District #96. He has two married sons: Elliot, a graduate of Northwestern University, and Scott, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin. He and Rita have six grandchildren.

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