Friday, October 12, 2012

NRCC Ad about Brad Schneider's Business Success Story

Since this was disclosed, the mainstream press through the Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times picked up on this issue.  This also appeared on the Drudge Report and on other internet news sources.

Brad Schneider's little tap dance over his "business experience" the last three years seemed easy enough to answer.  He could have answered: (1) I'm now retired as a businessman, or (2) I started a business and it didn't work out, or (3) the business continues to be a work in progress.  The problem remains that he has been bragging to voters that he is a successful businessman running a consulting business that works with multimillion dollar corporations, yet showed "zero" income from January of 2010 to the present?  

Now the National Republican Congressional Committee is running ads about it in our District:


  1. This dude is finished. That's why the DCCC pulled 700K out of the Chicago media market.

  2. Did Schneider think that no one would find out that he hasn't had a job in 3 years?